Life's Too Short, Wear the Dress

I think one of my main goals with my Instagram, blog, TikTok, wherever you follow me now, has always been to encourage people to wear what they want. My ethos really is, "Life's too short! Wear the dress!" And this doesn't just apply to dresses or even princesscore in general, it's really anything that makes you happy. 

A long time ago I learned that clothes are a form of self expression. They can work to completely transform my mood and how I approach a situation. If I'm underdressed, I'll find myself lacking confidence and often unwilling to participate in social events. But when I'm in a pair of heels and a dress I adore it's like a total transformation has happened. Of course, you may be the complete opposite of me! Maybe your loungewear is the thing you want to wear the most. But whatever it is that makes you happy, whether it be a t-shirt or a banana hat, I want to tell you today that life is too short to not wear it. 

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It's probably the number one comment I get asked in my direct messages - I wish I could wear dresses like you do but I don't have the confidence. To this I always say it's about reframing your concept of confidence. I am secretly not a very confident person in many areas of my life. I still avoid talking on the phone to people at all costs, for example! The idea of sending food back in a restaurant makes my entire body cringe inwards. But when it comes to my dresses something is wired differently in my brain. 

I think to myself, "Why would I not wear something that makes me happy? Who does it benefit? Nobody. Who does it hinder? Me." 

There are three types of people who you will meet when you decide to dress unapologetically.

1. The person who says nothing.

2. The person who loves how you look.

3. The person who doesn't love how you look. 

Usually number 1 and 3 will be the same person too. And why do we care about the opinions of these random three people? Obviously number 2 may give you a compliment and make you feel great, but anyone who doesn't like your outfit really isn't worth your time. Most strangers may give you a funny look then never think of you again. But you'll also probably make someone's day! 

Now I'm going to be harsh here. One day you will be too old, frail or even dead to wear what you want. You'll look back on your life and wish that you had just worn what made you happy. This is the thing I have to remind myself of every time that I wear one of my dresses in public. I'm not going to go to my grave regretting not spending more time in the clothes that I love. I'm not going to let the opinions of strangers who mean absolutely nothing to me affect my life. 

I'm also aware that you may not be in the same position as me where I'm a grown adult free to make my own choices. Perhaps you are younger and still living with your family and they don't want you to dress in the way that makes you happy. If you are, I am so sorry and I really hope that with time and understanding your family will be able to accept you for who you are, no matter how you dress.

But if you are in the position where nothing is stopping you from dressing how you want except your own self doubts, then I really want you to know that you can do it! You are perfect and you deserve to be able to wear what makes you happy with absolutely no regrets x