5 Things That 2020 Taught Me

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For all it was worth, 2020 taught me a lot and in a funny way I feel like I learnt a lot more than I would have done if the year had been entirely normal. I know that if it had been, I would have done my standard travelling and travel content, would still be working in an office every day and most likely wouldn't have improved myself or my outlook on life. 

So here are all the things 2020 taught me, whether I wanted it to or not:

1. I am far more creative than I think

During the first lockdown I was absolutely terrified at the prospect of making content at home. For as long as I could remember, my feed consisted of dreamy travel shots and when it wasn't those, it was dreamy London shots. With both of those off the table I had the choice as to whether I was going to adapt or run away. I chose the former and it changed my life. Throughout the whole of lockdown I began to see the world differently: everything had potential to be a shoot concept, from the plain white wall on my house to a small patch of flowers on our daily walk. After lockdown began to be lifted, I had the opportunity to explore this beautiful country far more than I had in the past, visiting all kinds of castles, manor houses and National Trust locations, which leads me on to my second lesson...

2. England is one of the most beautiful countries

I mean, I always knew how beautiful England was but my appreciation grew even more this year. I can't believe that I had gone 26 years without exploring some of these incredible places that are right on my doorstep. Creating content in these places has been one of the true joys of last year. 

3. You can never convince someone to change their mind once they've decided they don't like you

I had to come to the difficult realisation last year that there are some people out there who really loathe me and that's ok. And as much as I try to convince them otherwise, they are never going to change their minds. You can try to justify your actions or explain yourself as much as you want but they will forever be blinded by their hatred of you. So don't even waste your time.

4. Removing toxic people from your life is ok

2020 had the bittersweet side effect of removing a lot of people from my life who revealed themselves to be toxic. I always felt quite awkward about unfollowing people who I felt really weren't the nicest, but by the end of last year the unfollow button became a good friend of mine. I must say, it has been like a weight being lifted off my back not having to see and interact with these people every day. This leads me nicely onto point 5...

5. A lot of people in this industry are only in it for themselves

I feel like some of these points are a bit sad, but it's okay! Sometimes you come to the realisation that people just aren't what you thought they were going to be. After seven years in the blogging industry I think I've finally realised how fake people can really be. It's a shame, but it has also allowed me to find the people who I can genuinely trust. So many content creators care more about the numbers or the gifted items than your friendship, will only interact with you if you interact with them first and will quite frankly step on you to get where they want to go. I spent a fair bit of time feeling quite down about it last year, but now I'm glad that I don't spend my time on these people anymore. 

So there they are, 5 things that 2020 taught me. Some of them are a bit bittersweet, but all round have positive outcomes. Going into 2021 I have felt like a completely different person from last year but I definitely think all these changes have been for the better. 

What did you learn in 2020? x