Return to Sender - The Making of A Short Film

For the longest time, one of my content creation goals has been to make my own John Lewis Christmas advert inspired video. I always love how Christmas adverts have mini storylines throughout and even if they're selling you something they always fill my heart with warmth and joy. I wanted to replicate this by creating a short film. 

I had this idea early 2019, but after splashing out on my Halloween videos I couldn't really justify doing the same for Christmas too. But this year I decided to just go for it. I hired my lovely friend Alexandra to be my videographer and together we came up with the concept - a chase through London's most festive landmarks to chase after a missing Christmas letter to Santa. 

From scripting, to outfits, to contacting locations, to two days of filming in London, everyone worked so hard to make this film a reality. It was utterly damp and freezing during filming too so I'm so proud of everyone. Making a video like this is no easy feat and I honestly feel like we smashed it. 

We worked on this for months and yesterday the final film went live! The response has been absolutely incredible which honestly makes me so happy. When I create things like this, it is entirely off my own back as a passion project. Normally, longer length IGTVs just generally don't perform particularly well on Instagram. They don't help me gain followers or paid campaigns, so every single share, like and comment helps so much to support me with these creative ideas! 

If you'd like to watch it, I've popped it below! Merry Christmas everyone! x