My Favourite Seasonal Sweaters

Tis the season of cosy sweaters and I'm here to chat to you about a brand that does the best ones!

 It has been kind of a weird dream of mine to own a KJP jumper for a long time now, so when this care package arrived on my doorstep I thought I was going to cry. I am pretty much obsessed with all their jumpers, but this one in particular is just the cutest thing ever! This one is the Jack O' Lantern sweater (ad pr affiliate) and summons up all the autumnal vibes into one, adorable jumper. 

They do seasonal sweaters with all kinds of adorable themes and I was so excited to get to wear mine out and about to celebrate Autumn. It's funny that in the UK we don't really tend to have many cute seasonal clothes or decorations, but in America they always go so hard with it! I've popped a few of my other favourites from them below, in case you fancy having a browse! 

Are you a fan of decorating for Autumn? x