How To Shoot Outfit Photos When The Weather Is Rubbish

I've always said, the United Kingdom is my favourite country in the world to live in with the exception of one thing...the weather. It is the most unpredictable place ever when it comes to rain and cold, but when the sun shines, oh boy is it beautiful!

Most of my photos are taken outside, simply because I prefer lots of natural light and most beautiful locations are exteriors, especially around London. However, with the unpredictability of weather it can be hard to plan for shoots when you're not sure if it's going to pour down! I've had a lot of requests for a blog post on what to do if you want to shoot photos and the weather is terrible, so here are some of my tips.

Light Rain

I would say the majority of the time, if it rains on a shoot day it's just drizzle, or on/off rain. This really doesn't bother me at all as I'm still able to get most photos I want if the rain is light. In fact, it can actually be an advantage to shoot under this weather as you'll find locations are less busy as everyone stays inside. So, if the rain is quite light or in an on/off state, keep your shoot going! Use public transport where possible to keep dry between shots and go ahead with it. 

Inside Locations

Obviously, if it's absolutely bucketing it down then it's almost impossible to shoot. You don't want to risk getting camera equipment wet and if you look like a drowned rat then it's not going to be the best. However, there are luckily lots of inside locations that are equally pretty that you can shoot in, especially in London, where are there are numerous beautiful Instagram cafes. Have a browse on Instagram for some (Elan Cafe, Saint Aymes and Aubaine Selfridges are some of my personal favourites), as well as any other lovely interiors that might be of interest. The photos in this post were taken in one of the Nail'd It salons. 

Remember, it's always good courtesy to message establishments prior to check that it is okay to shoot photos there, as well as asking them what time they would like you to stop by to cause the least amount of disruption to their business. 

Locations With Slight Shelter

Sometimes there are pretty exterior locations that are partially covered, either by a doorway or a canvas cover, so it can still be possible to shoot these when the weather is bad. The Peggy Porschen cafe in Belgravia is a great example, with a wide doorway that can act as cover. Just remember to give your photographer an umbrella. 

Take Advantage of the Rain

Who says rain is ugly?! You always have the option of embracing it to it's fullest. Rain is beautiful, and I've seen some seriously creative shots that have been taken on a rainy day. There's lot of beauty to be found by using light to your advantage, as well as different props like umbrellas, or just simply letting go Singin' in the Rain style and getting absolutely soaked. 

Get Creative At Home

This one feels very relevant at the time of writing especially (because we're all stuck inside) but it also applies to when we're allowed out by don't actually want to go outside. If you don't fancy risking the rain at all, then you always have the option of creating within the confines of your own home. Even if you feel like your home isn't pretty in the slightest, there's still ways you can make it work! One of my favourite trends on the internet is the 'ugly location challenge' where people create amazing photos in the worst locations. Have a look at some of these for inspiration! 

I hope this helps with some ideas for how to shoot when the weather is rubbish. Maybe save it for whenever we can go outside again as it may help a little more then! But i'm writing this now because I frankly don't have anything else to do haha! 

Hope you're all well! x