Changing the Way We Think About Influencer ADs

For a long time, influencer ADs have had a dark cloud over them. Due to bad press and general internet comments being nasty, you can sometimes think of the questionable promotion of diet teas and that's about it. And yes, some people do promote things that aren't exactly ethical, but we shouldn't allow these exceptions to put a downer on the whole industry. And today I'm going to chat to you about why.

When you watch a television show, there's usually an AD break. Even on streaming services like Netflix, you are still given adverts now and again, whether it be on your home page or in between shows. You get to enjoy your favourite shows with the expectation that adverts will come at some point. Most people probably don't even think about it. Well, influencer ADs are kind of the same.

You get to enjoy a bunch of content that this person has put time, effort and money into creating for you, FOR FREE! Which is pretty damn amazing when you think about it. Depending on the person, you get reading material, photo inspo, travel information and much more for absolutely nothing every single day. So why do people react so badly when it comes to their ADs?

Influencer ADs, when done correctly, can be just as engaging and exciting as their normal content. You follow certain people on Instagram for a reason, right? So, if they post an on-brand AD that fits into their content, you may not even notice it. By liking and commenting on that photo, you're showing your support for not only that person's living but also for the rest of the content that you get to enjoy free of charge every single day.

By the way, I totally understand people's reactions when an influencer promotes something questionable. In this case, it can come across as shallow and poorly judged. But if I'm honest, the majority of influencers (including myself) I personally know choose ADs very carefully and only showcase products they personally love and use themselves. And trust me, there's nothing more exciting than when a brand you love and share anyway decides to give you a little bit of money too!

I feel like people need to change their mindset towards ADs and realise that it's a part of the job. It allows influencers to fund the content that you then enjoy, just like any other form of media. Rather than seeing them as shallow or self-entitled, remember that you are not obligated to follow anyone, but if you do, you're seeing something that takes up mere seconds of your day, but allows a person to create a whole lot more organic content too.

So the next time you see your fave creator dropping a cheeky #AD at the start of their caption, just give it a like. Remember that they've created something for you that will help fuel both their livelihood and future content for you to enjoy. Plus, you may discover a brand that you end up falling in love with too! x