Twenty Six

Whoops, this post is a little late isn't it? Considering my birthday was back on the 14th January and now we're already in February. But I've been on holiday so I'm allowed to post sporadic posts that make no sense okaaaay?!

So yes, as of 14th January I'm officially 26. Although people keep telling me I'm not, I feel like I'm now officially in my 'late twenties'. Only four more years and I'll be 30 and if I'm honest I just can't deal with that thought.

I think I suffer from this weird emotional issue of forever feeling like I'm running out of time. I always feel like I've not done everything I wanted to do by this age. I thought I'd be somewhere so different. I don't think these feelings are unique to me, though. A lot of people I speak to tend to feel the same. And if I'm honest, I've done so much and I feel incredibly lucky to have done so at such a young age.

I feel like while 25 was generally a pretty good year for me career wise, everything else in my life has slowly been declining. I feel a little bit like the real life version of that dog drinking coffee in a burning room, "This is fine."

So where do I see myself for age 26? Well, I suppose I just want to keep growing. My word of the year is 'grow', in more ways than one. I've begun looking into private therapy finally as I've found myself steadily declining in the mental health department and I think at this point this is the best thing I can do for both myself and everyone around me.

I want to grow as a human but also in my career and in my relationships. I want everything to flourish before I hit 27. Of course I'll give you an update by the end of this year and hopefully I'll have got somewhere with these goals.

Anyway, happy Monday to you all! x