My Guide to Instagram is Now Live!

I am so excited to reveal that I have written an eBook! Eep!

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that over the past year (far too long) I've been working on my full guide to Instagram, containing all of my tips, tricks and frequently asked questions that I receive on the regular. I thought, what better way to share my knowledge than by putting it all in one place!

The guide contains everything from my full editing guide (one of my most requested things ever!) to posing in public, scouting locations, growing an engaged audience and much more.

You can now purchase it via my PayHip shop HERE! The guide costs £29.99 but you can get a cheeky 15% off this week only using the code UPYOURGAME.

I really hope you guys enjoy it and it helps you to feel more inspired and excited when it comes to working on your Instagram feed. Let me know how you get on x