How To Create Your Own Accidentally Wes Anderson Style

If you didn't know, Wes Anderson is my all time favourite film director. I just adore everything about his movies, from the unique storylines to the unique cinematic style. But of course, the thing I love the very most is the costumes. His films are so stylised that at this point I will often pick things up in shops and say, "This is very Wes Anderson", even if I can't pin point exactly why. 

Earlier this year I did this photoshoot with Rebecca. I had always wanted to do a Wes Anderson style shoot and our trip to Morelli's down by the seaside in Broadstairs was the perfect opportunity for it! I was absolutely thrilled with how these photos came out and even though I've shared them on Instagram I realised the other day I'd never actually shared them here on the blog! So what better reason to share them than by sharing a few of my favourite Wes Anderson styled pieces. 

There are several iconic Wes Anderson clothing pieces, but the ones I've selected today are:

Collared dresses - the classic, Wes Anderson staple. Usually in a bright colour or subdued pastel. 

Peter Pan collars - perfect for layering under jumpers (like I have in my shoot!) or dresses that don't have a collar.

Long Faux fur coats - channeling Margot Tenenbaum, always faux of course!

Polo shirts - A recurring Wes Anderson costume piece. Get a striped one for the added effect! 

Material shorts - Another style I went for in my shoot!

Patterned socks - polka dots and stripes are the way to go. If you prefer knee high or ankle, it's up to you!

Brogues and Mary Janes - can't go wrong with a classic pair of these shoes. Pick a colour that compliments your look.

Berets - the only way to top off your look!

I've popped a few of my favourite current pieces at the bottom of this post in case you need some inspiration! 

Let me know if you're a fan of Wes Anderson movies and if you have any accidentally Wes Anderson pieces in your wardrobe! x

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