My Guide to Tunis

 A couple of weeks ago I was invited on a very exciting press trip to Tunisia with Nothing to Wear, an amazing company who rent out designer dresses to encourage more sustainable fashion. For full disclosure, the press trip was gifted but this post is not sponsored, nor am I under any obligation to write it. I just had such an amazing time in Tunis that I couldn't not do a travel guide for you all!

Over the past couple of years, tourism and Tunisia has seen a massive decline, mainly because people believe it to be dangerous. However, I can honestly say I never felt in danger here, in fact, I felt completely safe. Even when we went out to shoot photos early morning I never once felt like I was in any danger. And considering it has many similarities to Morocco, I loved Tunisia far more and found the people to be much more friendly.

Our press trip was split into two different locations, so I'm going to give you a little guide to each town!

Sidi Bou Saïd Guide

To Stay

Our first stop on our trip was the blue and white town of Sidi Bou Saïd. It's actually part of the law here that you can't paint the buildings anything other than the signature blue and white colours, and I'm so glad to be honest! It's so magical. 

We stayed in a boutique hotel called Dar Said - a gorgeous place adopt a hill in the town with the most wonderful views of the ocean. The rooms were absolutely gorgeous and it definitely gave me that riad vibe. This was the smaller of the two hotels we stayed in, but I loved this one just as much. It has so much character and is styled beautifully. 

To See

The whole town is an absolute wonder to explore. Just walking around it with no set direction is perfect, but here's a couple of spots that you might love to see!

The Souk Stalls

The mini souk stalls were just a few minutes walk from our hotel and they're so wonderful. Full of vibrant plates, rugs and more, they're an absolute Aladdin's cave for finding little souvenirs. I also found the people so nice and I wasn't harassed at all. I felt very safe chatting to the stall owners. 

Alaïa Villa

If you like fashion, you may want to stop by the Alaïa Villa - a modern art museum with some beautiful views as well! It was the home of the fashion designer Alaïa and to be honest I don't blame him! The house is gorgeous, even though it's mostly empty now. 

To Eat

We had dinner on our first night Dar Zarrouk, again only a stone's throw from our hotel. The food here was lovely and full of traditional Tunisian dishes. There's a lot of seafood on the menu here and I was totally fine with that! It was seriously good. 


Bambalouni are a traditional Tunisian doughnut that kind of reminds me of a cronut in its texture. They're deep fried and covered in sugar and are seriously delicious! There are two stalls next to each other, one is the big one which is actually newer and more flashy, and a tiny one which is the original. Always go to the original! 

Tunis Guide

To Stay

The Residence Tunis

We moved to The Residence for the rest of our stay and this hotel was more of your traditional, big resort style hotel. It was absolutely beautiful, huge and grand with gorgeous rooms and amazing views of the ocean. The breakfast buffet was also something else - you all know I appreciate an amazing buffet! I would 100% recommend this resort if you're looking for a perfect place to chill out and relax in the sunshine. 

To See

The Residence Spa

The Residence also has the most beautiful spa ever, complete with a beautiful indoor pool that is actually saltwater! After gaining a fair few blisters on my feet, it was amazing to soak in the salty water and feel a bit more rejuvenated. I also was treated to a full body massage which was extremely relaxing. 

Tunis Medina

A bit like Marrakesh, Tunis has its own bustling Medina, filled with tons of shops in the winding streets. One thing I found was that it was much cleaner and far less polluted than Marrakesh, meaning I enjoyed it far more. I also found the people to be much more polite and I don't think I got harassed at all. There's so much to see here, from jewellery shops to rugs to fruit, you could explore for hours! I'd definitely recommend a visit.

One shop we stopped by was what felt like a real life Aladdin's cave - a shop called Ed-Dar. It's absolute full to the brim with antiques and treasures and has a few floors you can explore. It also has a beautiful rooftop with a gorgeous tile wall that's stunning to see. I'm not sure if the roof is open all the time or if you have to ask, but it's definitely worth seeing if you can!

This beautiful hotel and spa mixes the modern with the classic with its beautiful courtyard and interiors. We actually visited here for lunch, so I suppose you could also put it under the 'to eat' section, but I just loved this place. It's another fab option if you're looking for accommodation! Their restaurant is on the roof and has some beautiful views to enjoy while indulging in some traditional Tunisian food.

Acropolium of Catharge

This place is definitely worth a visit! Sat atop a hill, it's a Roman Catholic church near the ruins of the old Roman city. It's no longer used for worship but it's still worth a visit, even to just admire from the outside. 

To Eat

Le Golfe

The food we had at Le Golfe might have been my favourite from the trip - specialising in Mediterranean dishes including some seriously good pasta, this place is a must visit. It's also right on the beach so is perfect for relaxing outside on a sunny day. 

Restaurant L'Alba

This restaurant was right on the golf course near our hotel and was again, fantastic. The service was wonderful and they do all kinds of pizzas as well as other traditional dishes. I also have to give a special shoutout for the desserts here, which were the best on the trip. 

La Closerie

Another wonderful restaurant which felt a little bit more upscale was La Closerie. The seafood here was a specialty and I had the seafood spaghetti which was amazing. The portions were also well sized. They even brought around Neroli necklaces and bouquets for all the women. It was just a lovely experience. 

The Fruit

Yes, the fruit in Tunisia does get its own shoutout because it is AMAZING. Everything in Tunis is seasonal, so if you go at a different time of year you may not find certain fruits because of this. But whatever's in season at the time is super delicious. I would definitely recommend strawberry season (end of April) - the strawberries are something else, so sweet and huge. They also do strawberry juice in a lot of places which was one of the best things I've ever had. 

Needless to say, I absolutely loved Tunisia. It was such a beautiful country with so much to offer in terms of cuisine, weather and sights and I hope that the tourism there improves soon. I'd definitely recommend it for a short break away if you fancy getting some sunshine! 

I'd love to know if you've ever been to Tunisia or if you're thinking of going now! x