Scent of the Season - Juicy Couture Bowdacious

It's that time again - another Scent of the Season post. I say another, this is like the second one but there you go. I actually love writing these posts because I always get so excited about using another fragrance!

My current go-to is the amazing Juicy Couture Bowdacious perfume (gifted), which other than having pretty much the most extra and beautiful bottle design I've ever seen, is absolutely perfect for me right now. With the weather heating up it's always nice to have that 'summer scent' that really reminds you of all the fun things you got up to that year!

I was honestly quite worried that the scent of it would be too sweet or fruity, especially considering the packaging! But the actual smell is incredible. It's so light and gorgeous, with just enough florals for me to totally love it.

Here are the notes:

Top notes: Juicy mandarin and wild berries.
Heart notes: Honeysuckle, jasmine petals and gardenia.
Base notes: Amber, caramel woods, vanilla, sandalwood and praline.

I also can't even describe how often I get complimented on it when I wear it out (which is obviously all the time at the moment). I currently have the 100ml bottle which as lasted me so long. 

I'd love to know if you've tried any of the Juicy Couture fragrances and if so which one is your favourite! x