Scent of the Season - My Fifth Avenue

One of the many weird quirks of my personality is that I really like using one product at a time, completely finishing it before I start the next one. Unless I'm specifically testing something for review purposes, I often find myself using the same thing for months on end, and then I'll see what's next in the queue.

This also applies most notably to fragrances. Although I'm lucky enough to have an absolutely beautiful tray filled with gorgeous scents, I can't bring myself to mix them from one day to the next. Instead, I'll pick one and it'll be my 'scent of the season', until it runs out and then I'll decide what to go with next. The main reason I've found I do this is not only because it's extremely satisfying to finish something, but also because I end up associating certain times in my life with those scents. Of course this is something a lot of people do for certain occasions, but I love having a different scent every few months and then having the excitement of deciding what happens next.

So, in the spirit of this weird thing I do, I thought it would be exciting to make it a series on my blog, to share with you all what my current 'scent of the season' is and how it makes me feel, as well as the memories I will now associate with it.

For the last few months I've been using My Fifth Avenue from Elizabeth Arden (gifted), a perfume that not only has the prettiest bottle ever, but also seriously makes me want to go to New York with its name.

It mixes the scents of floral and citrus with some deep, woody notes for what I can only describe as a really 'grown up' scent. The scent itself smells like how I imagine Elizabeth Arden herself would have smelt, and in fact when I went into work wearing it once someone commented that I smelt like the counter! It also lasts on me really well.

I've been using this fragrance since just after Christmas, so it now reminds me of colder months, warm jumpers and lazy Sundays with the fire on.

Let me know if you've ever tried My Fifth Avenue! I'd definitely recommend giving it a try next time you find yourself near an Elizabeth Arden! x