Becoming Mrs Jordan: Venue Limbo & First Wedding Show

You guys asked for it, so here we are! My wedding updates have officially begun. So many of you have been asking for this series and to be honest, I would have started it sooner except nothing has really happened yet...but more on that later.

I wanted to say a big thank you to my friend Allie for coming up with the name for this series, 'Becoming Mrs Jordan'. I love it! On this topic, no I won't be changing my blog name/handles when I get married, I'll always be Miss Jordan to you all. 

So, the reason I was sort of reluctant to begin these wedding posts was because I haven't even booked a venue yet. There is no date, therefore I really can't plan anything. I'm truly lost in wedding limbo. 

You may know if you follow me on social media as well that I've been really struggling when it comes to venues. After sifting through hundreds upon hundreds of options, I shortlisted three potential venues that I could visit. The first two just weren't for me. But the third, oh my goodness, the third was perfect. Everything about it was what I wanted. Unique, filled with light and the kind of place I wouldn't mind staying inside all day if in the event of a classic English downpour. 

Honestly, I would have booked it right then and there if it wasn't for one teeny, tiny detail...the deposit. Is. 50%. *screams internally*. 

If you know nothing about weddings, the average deposit for a venue is normally around 10-20% of the total cost, so 50% is a lot, especially considering it turns out I have very expensive taste...

So right now, I can't really book anything or look seriously at making any kind of wedding decisions because there's no date to kind of plan around. I've been trying to find another venue but if I'm honest, nothing even comes close to the one I love. All I can do is hope that we'll be able to book a date eventually.

In other news, yesterday I went to my first wedding show! The National Wedding Show at Kensington Olympia, to be precise. I figured I'd never have another chance to go to one other than now so I may as well see what it's like! 

Overall it was a pretty fun day out and I even got to try on a few dresses (as pictured!) which was very exciting. I didn't find 'the one' (if I'm honest the whole idea of actually buying my dress at a show just doesn't appeal to me, I want that private boutique experience!) but I definitely gained more of a sense of what suits me and what doesn't. For example, sleeves are definitely OUT. But pretty much every other style is up for consideration so far! 

Either way, if anything changes I will definitely be updating you through this series. The only real thing I have set in stone is my wedding shoes which I got in the Black Friday sale last year...clearly I have my priorities straight. 

I hope you enjoy this series and I hope that it'll be a nice thing for me to look back on in a couple of years when this process is completely over. You only get married once after all (hopefully)! x