The Scent of Disney

You know how people say that scent is one of the most powerful senses? Well, I completely agree. In fact, the number of times I have smelt something and it's completely taken me back to a memory I've completely forgotten about is unbelievable. 

It's also no secret that my favourite place on earth is Disney World. There's really nowhere like it, and the one thing I always remember is the smells. There are so many incredible scents around the parks that you just don't get to experience once you come home. That was until the lovely people at Maple and Whisky Candle Co. sent me some absolutely beautiful candles and reed diffusers and I was absolutely thrilled!

If you don't know about Maple and Whisky, they are an independent Etsy store dedicated to bringing the scents of Disney to your home. Better yet, they're based in the UK so no cheeky customs charges! They very kindly sent me three candles and two reed diffusers from their collection, and they are absolutely gorgeous. Let me tell you a bit about each one!

Philharmagic - Smells just like the apple pie from the Philharmagic show!

Walt's Office - A very masculine scent of worn leather and sweet tobacco, just what you would imagine Walt's office to smell like (if only I could really visit!).

Main Street Bakery - It literally smells like the moment when you walk down Main Street towards the castle and you get that whiff of fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Over Fiji - The scent you get when you soar over Fiji in the Soarin' ride, this one smells like crips, oceanic breezes and ozonic seaside notes. It's seriously good!

The Grand - This one might be my favourite of the bunch! A replica of the scent they use in the hotel lobbies at Disney World - green clover and aloe. The Grand Floridian is my all time favourite Disney World hotel (it's a dream of mine to stay there one day!) and I have placed this diffuser in my bedroom, so I can always pretend I'm there.

I have to say I am so impressed by the Maple and Whisky products. Not only are they adorably packaged, but they really do smell so much like the Disney World locations it's unreal! I can't even imagine the amount of effort that must have gone into creating these to make them so authentic. 

If you're a Disney World fan like me and you fancy a throwback to one of your favourite scented memories, I'd definitely recommend them! They'd make such a fab Christmas gift too and they do seasonal scents which is even better!

Let me know if you have a favourite Disney scent, or just scent in general that takes you back to a specific memory. x