A Moment in Paris

Not long ago I took a little 24 hour break in Paris, also known as one of my favourite cities on Earth. The weather was absolutely perfect; not too hot with lots of clouds to break up the direct sunlight (also perfect for photographs!). 

I had decided that I wanted to get up super early in the morning on our second day so we could head over and shoot at the Eiffel Tower with as few people in shot as possible, although I'm sure you've realised from the second photo here that we were still a little bit too late! 

On the bright side, we still managed to get some lovely ones over on Rue de Camo├źns, which was perfectly silent at that time in the morning. 

I was also very lucky to be gifted this beautiful dress by Katya Katya London, who I discovered at Scoop London last month. It just felt like the most perfect, ethereal dress to shoot in such a wonderful city. It might be one of the most stunning pieces I've ever owned and I was so overwhelmed to be able to shoot in it! 

They've very kindly offered you lovely lot 20% off this stunning dress, so if you head over to their website using any of the links in this post you'll automatically have that discount applied. It's the perfect dress for a really special moment, much like this one, and I have plans to wear it again on a very special day when we head to Florida!

We spent the remainder of our time wandering the streets of Paris, eating Nutella and banana crepes and making new friends with photographers on the streets. It was truly a magical experience and despite the 7 hour delay getting back (the worst!) it was a lovely little getaway for August. I always feel so genuinely lucky that we live so close to so many amazing European cities that we can literally just hop on a train to visit. 

I hope you've all had a fab start to your week and I'd love to know if you have any weekend getaways planned soon! x