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Have you ever dreamt of two of your all time favourite things combining in a whirlwind of absolute joy? Well, that's what happened for me when I visited The Lanesborough Hotel in London for afternoon tea, where they just so happened to be serving something very special.

If you don't know me, then you might not know that the musical Hamilton is my all time favourite show. It's absolutely stunning and if you ever get the chance to see it then I highly recommend you do. It's incredible. 

So when I discovered that The Lanesborough had themed their afternoon tea after Hamilton (to celebrate it's West End debut), I was pretty overjoyed. I mean, who hasn't dreamed of an afternoon tea themed after their favourite musical?! Just me? 

We dined in the absolutely stunning Celeste restaurant; powder blue walls with gold accents and plush sofas. Very Instagrammable and truly beautiful. We were seated promptly but found service to be quite slow at the start, with people who came in after us being served first. Eventually we managed to get someone's attention and we put in our orders. 

Of course I went for the hot chocolate and I'm sad to say that it was a little disappointing. It tasted quite weak so wasn't the best I've had. Luckily, these two more negative points were the only ones to be had as our experience just kept improving. 

My mum had the Lanesborough Afternoon Tea which was delicious and a twist on a classic. 

It wasn't long before our sandwiches arrived and as my mum and I are both pescatarians now we didn't have any meat options, so I can't speak for those. But what we did have was absolutely delicious. The bread was very fresh and soft and I particularly enjoyed the avocado ones the most! The waiter also offered us more sandwiches, always a Tea Files must! 

We were then presented with our scones and pastries, which really were the real treat of the tea. 

The scones were warm and so delicious...although I just realised that I totally forgot to take a photo of them, mainly because I was so captivated by the incredible cakes! I mean, look at these works of art! 

Each cake was themed after something from Hamilton, such as the Caribbean spiced star biscuits (as Hamilton grew up in the Caribbean), the most delicious banana and pecan pie (an American classic) and a blueberry cheesecake made to look like Hamilton's famous blue army jacket. 

There was also the most adorable red choux bun with a little hat to represent Angelica from the musical! She tasted so yummy but I almost felt bad eating her because she was so cute. 

I have to say, I couldn't fault any of the food. It was absolutely brilliant and definitely one of the best teas we've had in London. The only thing I have to take a couple of points off for was the bad beginning and the hot chocolate, but other than that it was perfect. 

I'd definitely recommend the Lanesborough if you're looking for somewhere special to celebrate an occasion, or, even better, if you're heading to see Hamilton on the West End and fancy making a day of it! It really is a dream.

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