My Guide to Basel

Basel is one of those strange places that I really haven't seen get much attention. I've only ever seen a grand total of two bloggers talk about it, meaning it's not really down as one of the trendy places in Europe to visit. My boyfriend and I booked the flights on a whim when we saw them for £39 return (bargain!), and left the planning til after. Being spontaneous and all that! 

But, after exploring the city for two and a half days, I have to say it's absolutely wonderful and should definitely be getting more attention! So, here's a little city guide for you, in case you fancy hopping on a plane and exploring.

To Stay

Our stay in Basel was kindly provided on discount by the lovely Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, which was also my first choice for hotel in the city, so I was very excited! The stunning, five star hotel is located right on the edge of the River Rhine, with some of the best views of the city. The entire hotel is plush, luxurious and regal and we really didn't want for anything during our stay. 

The staff were so accommodating, and we were lucky enough to get a tour. There are two sides to the hotel; the more traditional side and then an extra quarter that is a little bit more modern, but still retains the traditions of the original style. My favourite thing about the hotel might have been that it's slightly wonky! As you ascend the staircase, you'll notice that the floors are crooked from where it started to subside into the river. Luckily, renovations have meant that this isn't a problem anymore and the beautiful hotel can stay for many more years. 

Blumenrain 8

To Eat

If I'm totally honest, I didn't quite realise how expensive Switzerland was until we visited Basel! It's definitely more expensive than London prices, and we were shocked that even a McDonald's came to around £12 a head! However, we did have breakfast included at the hotel, so we filled up on that each morning, and found that we weren't all that hungry by the end of the day! But we did visit one restaurant and I've provided a couple of other recommendations for places we didn't get to visit! 

Bit weird to go to Switzerland and eat Italian I suppose, but this little restaurant hit the spot perfectly! Not as pricey as some of the other places and they did the best pizza! 

Now, onto something a bit more Swiss! Chocolate! We popped into Läderach after spying their adorable chocolate bears in the window and we managed to pick up some souvenirs, as well as props for the above photo! The chocolate was so delicious and they have some seriously unique gifts. 

Rated the number one best restaurant in Basel (and also located in our hotel), this three Michelin Star restaurant is renowned as being the best place to eat. It looks absolutely incredible and if we'd had a larger budget for the weekend I would have definitely visited. The food looks exquisite.

This place looked so good but sadly it was closed when we visited! They serve all sorts of pizza and foccacia that's made fresh daily. Delicious and won't break your budget. 

To Visit

Basel Town Hall

Set right in the centre of town near the Marktplatz, the beautiful Town Hall is the most amazing red colour, covered in paintings. It's so beautiful and definitely worth a visit. It's free to access and you can wander straight into the courtyard. 

The River Rhine

It's kind of needless to say that you need to take a stroll along the banks of the Rhine while you're in Basel. If you visit in the Summer it's also a popular swimming point, where you can jump straight into the refreshing waters. Although, while we were there we spotted a man swimming in the freezing temperatures. Props to him! 

Top of Rheinsprung

For the best views in the city, take a walk up the Rheinsprung Hill. It's a little steep but worth it! You can see for miles and there's also some cute little viewing points on the way up.

This might be the cutest museum ever, featuring the largest collection of antique teddy bears in the world, as well as dolls, miniatures and dollhouses. It's not too expensive to get in and they also have the best gift shop ever. This is where I bought my Basel Christmas ornament - I chose a beautiful white horse with red and gold glitter.  

What I Wore

Obviously it was a little bit chilly when we visited, so I managed to snag some adorable trousers for the occasion. Paired with over the knee boots and some cute bardot jumpers, I felt warm and sassy. I also had a coat, gloves and ear muffs, obviously, but didn't take photos in those!

I honestly had the best time in Basel and I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a short weekend break. Let me know in the comments if you've ever visited and where I should head to next!