Swimsuit - Missguided

For a thrill seeker like me, it's kind of obligatory that I visit the local amusement parks whenever I'm travelling. I think Dubai are renowned for their incredible water parks, but my favourite the bunch has to be Aquaventure at Atlantis The Palm. Now, I have to admit that I am a little bias when it comes to this water park, as I got to test run it way before it opened back in 2008, but even now I love going back and it never fails to disappoint!

I was especially happy when I discovered that a whole new section of the park has been added since I last visited, meaning I got to go on rides I'd never even tried before! While I was little bit too scared to ride Poseidon's Revenge (a body slide where you stand on a trap door that then releases you!), I was much happier riding anything involving a rubber ring, including the rapids and the amazing water coasters.

We visited thanks to attractiontix, who very kindly gave my boyfriend and I tickets to spend the day splashing around in the water, riding some amazing rides and just genuinely having a flipping amazing time. I am a huge advocate for organisation (my boyfriend will vouch for this) and before I go anywhere travelling I normally compile a list of places to visit and prebook all my tickets in advance. If you book through attractiontix then you don't have to worry about purchasing your tickets on the day which means no queuing and saving money as it's actually cheaper! I mean, it's a no brainer really!

It honestly was one of the best days out and one of my favourite days from our entire trip to Dubai. Spending the entire day in the sunshine with my best friend and riding some of the best water rides on the planet...I definitely had to pinch myself a couple of times! 

P.S. I also did a little vlog of the day over on my Insta Stories which is now saved to my Highlights on my profile! I'm @hellomissjordan on there if you want to watch me screaming a lot...

Our tickets to Aquaventure were provided courtesy of attractiontix, but all opinions and love of waterparks are my own!