The Lingerie Lover

I don't know about anyone else, but lingerie makes me feel absolutely amazing. Whenever I'm wearing a matching set I honestly feel like I could conquer the world. To be honest, my lingerie obsession has gotten to the point now where my drawer is totally full of beautiful lacy garments and I'm totally ok with it. 

To kind of justify my excessive amount of underwear I have made the conscious decision to wear a matching set every single day (with the exception of that time of the month because, let's face it, when that rolls around I'm basically living in boy pants) and I have to say, it's definitely improved my mood! Knowing that I'm rocking a fabulous look that only I can see gives me so much confidence and it means I get to make the most out of my crazy collection. 

Fantasie have been one of my favourite lingerie brands for a while, mainly because they actually do a size 30 which I can hardly ever find normally! Their styles are always so beautiful and never fail to fit to a T. Luckily for me I get to try out their new collections and for this set I decided to contact my good friend Martin to arrange a proper shoot!

I have to say, these photos (while not my normal airy style) are some of my all time favourites! I also definitely stole my boyfriend's shirt for the shoot and he didn't know until afterwards...whoops! 

I'd love to know if any of you have the same love of lingerie that I do, and what your favourite brand is! There's too many beautiful ones, that's for sure! x

Photography by Martin Brown