7 "Unrealistic" Goals for 2018

I feel like I write a variation of this post at the end of every single year, planning out what I'm going to do within the next 365 days. Normally I keep it pretty tame. In 2017 I pretty much managed to complete all my goals in one way or another but I kept them all within the bubble of realism.

Not this time! *places hands on hips and looks to the sky like some kind of mad superwoman*

I've been thinking a lot about the Law of Attraction lately. I've already found that it has worked in one area of my life but I'm pretty naff at applying it to my blogging dreams. I'm probably the most unnecessarily negative person when it comes to Hello Miss Jordan and I have a feeling it may be why I haven't achieved more. 

There are so many things I have always wanted to do when it comes to blogging but it honestly has always felt like it's not my moment, that I haven't done anything of significance or people just don't notice me. But is this all just to do with my negativity surrounding the whole thing? 

So, for 2018, I have set myself some "unrealistic" goals. Goals that might seem a bit out there but I am going to give my all to work towards. Because I am good enough to reach them and it's time I started truly believing it. 

1. Reach 40,000 followers on Instagram. 

This one may seem a bit crazy considering I'm only on about 12k right now, but I've seen it happen before. All I need is a bit of luck and I'll be there. 

2. Speak on a blogging panel.

One of my more random goals but as someone who has been blogging for four years now I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge with others. 

3. Be featured in a magazine. 

Having my own, dedicated spread in a magazine has pretty much always been my dream since I was young and it still is! To be recognized in this way would be overwhelming. 

4. Get verified on Twitter.

I've been basically trying to get verified on Twitter for the entirety of 2017 with no luck, but you never know, 2018 might be the year! 

5. Collaborate with one of my four dream brands (Disney, Jo Malone, Ted Baker and Kate Spade).

Oh man, this would be amazing. The four brands above are the ones that I have actually dreamed of working with since I started blogging and I think I'd actually cry if any of them wanted to collaborate. They are four brands that I have adored for so long now and that I think I would be a perfect face for, so to work with any of them would be such an achievement. 

6. Be invited to a film premiere. 

Another one of my silly goals, but I really just want an excuse to wear an overly dramatic dress and stand on a red carpet. Can you blame me? 

7. Go on more press trips abroad.

I went on my first ever press trip abroad during May this year and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Travel is my favorite thing to write and Instagram about, so to be sent away again would be perfect. Plus i'll be able to create even more amazing content for you lovely lot. 

So there they are. 7 "unrealistic" goals for 2018. Maybe I'll achieve one, but I'm damn well going to try to achieve them all. Come on, universe! I'm ready for you! x