6 TV Shows I've Been Loving Lately

After a pretty dry Summer of television, I've recently found myself loving so many different shows that it only seems right to share them all with you! It's getting chillier and now that it's November you have the perfect excuse to curl up with a hot choccie and a mince pie and binge watch 'til your heart's content. 

So, here are 6 shows that I've been absolutely lately. 

1. Mindhunter

I've always been absolutely obsessed with serial killers and true crime, so I was so excited when Netflix announced a brand new original series all about researching murderers in the 80's. The show is absolutely fantastic, beautifully shot and also stars one of my all time favourite Broadway stars, Jonathan Groff, so it's basically like it was made for me. You also get to see some real life murderers played spectacularly in the most haunting way. The soundtrack is also amazing.

Watch on: Neflix

2. Strike

Based on the novels by Robert Galbraith (aka bae J.K. Rowling), this detective show really goes back to the roots of a good old fashioned murder mystery. Although I haven't had the chance to read the books yet, I absolutely loved the TV adaptation. Thoroughly entertaining with some serious Sherlock vibes, they've currently adapted two of the novels. I was actually quite glad I hadn't read the books as the culprit was a total mystery for me, but I definitely will be in the future. 

Watch on: BBC iPlayer

3. Atypical

This heartfelt comedy all about a teenage boy with autism has received quite a lot of backlash on the internet, but I personally loved it. Very funny and adorable, it follows the life of Sam Gardner as he decides he wants to date, despite the objections of his parents who are concerned because of his autism. I found the portrayal of Sam both humorous and also sympathetic which I loved, and as someone with a relative who is on the spectrum I found many of the elements so relatable. It gave me similar vibes to The Perks of Being A Wallflower, so if you liked that you'll definitely like this too.

Watch on: Netflix

4. Liar

Ohhhh man this one had me in a constant state of confusion for its entire run! If you haven't watched it already and fancy getting totally hooked on a show, then Liar is the one to watch. It's about a woman who claims she was raped by a man after they go on a date, but he adamantly denies it. Is she lying? Is he lying? I'll let you decide. 

The show almost feels like its in the same realm as Broadchurch, and I was half hoping that Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy were going to show up and crack the case.

Watch on: ITV Hub

5. The Good Place

It's been a while since I found a really creative and different type of show, then my boyfriend told me about The Good Place and showed me the trailer. I started watching and basically binged the whole first season in a day. It's one of the funniest and adorable comedies I've seen in a long time, and reminds me a lot of Pushing Daisies which I used to love (still gutted that it got cancelled). 

The show follows Eleanor Shellstrop who dies and finds herself in Heaven, but she quickly realises there's been a mistake and she really shouldn't be there. Mainly because she was a pretty awful human being while alive. Not wanting to get sent to 'The Bad Place', she tries to convince everyone that she's actually good, and hilarity ensues. 

Watch on: Netflix

6. Stranger Things 2

It's no surprise that the second season of Stranger Things was going to be on this list. I was absolutely obsessed with the first one and have been wildly anticipating the release of the second season for months now. Luckily for me, it was just as good as the first, if not better in some ways. 

With some of the best child actors out there, some banging 80's nostalgia and a soundtrack that makes me want to go back in time, this sci-fi horror flick is a must watch. And if you haven't seen any of it yet, free up a day and binge it. You won't regret it.

Watch on: Netflix

Let me know if you've been loving any shows lately, I'm always looking for new ones! x