Naughty & NICE

Do you ever feel like you have two, totally different sides to your style? This is something I've definitely struggled with, especially when it comes to my blog life. I mean, think of the theme, Jordan! 

Other than having essentially an identity crisis whenever it comes to taking outfit photos, I usually stick to my princess style most of the time. Which is why I was so excited when the babes at ICE Watch challenged me to create two outfit looks as part of their #naughtybutnICE campaign! I finally get to show off my Jekyll and Betty and Veronica if you will! about those looks, eh? 

Looking Nice!

ICE glam watch - C/O ICE Watch

Ahhh yes, let's start out with the Jordan we all know and love! I mean, I'm pretty much known for my love of pink in the Blogosphere, so it made total sense that to style this first beautiful white watch I would visit one of my all time favourite pink locations in London; Peggy Porschen Cakes!

Partnered up with some gold jewellery, pink frills and a whole lot of cake, this was the perfect place to shoot my 'Nice' outfit. It also may or may not have given me the excuse to nibble on some sweet treats too...

The watch itself is super adorable and has the unusual feature of a silicon strap which is ridiculously soft and comfortable to wear.

I was also very excited when one of my Instagram pictures from this shoot got over 1000 likes! That's only happened once before so I was pretty damn chuffed with that. Clearly being nice gets me a long way!

Feeling Naughty

ICE glam watch in black - C/O ICE Watch

Let's make things a little darker now, shall we? 

Now, here's the side of my style I don't show quite as regularly. Believe it or not, I'm a huge fan of a slinky black dress and a dark lip, although it does pop up as much on my Instagram! However being a sexy and mysterious gal can have it's perks (until I trip over something or accidentally smash a glass, but we'll forget about that for now). 

I was also definitely channeling all the Veronica Lodge vibes in this shoot (if you don't watch Riverdale then what are you doing!?) and all I needed was a sultry hooded cape and for my boyfriend to dye his hair ginger. 

All of this, of course, was in honour of the black ICE glam watch, with rose gold detailing that actually captures my soul. It's so beautiful and incredibly classy looking, so I was best pleased with this.

All these photos were shot at Bokan, an incredible restaurant in the Canary Wharf area and I have to say that place is worth the visit. The food was amazing! 

Let me know in the comments which look was your favourite. Are you more naughty or nice?! I think I still love my nice gal look, but man that black watch is my favourite of the two for sure! 

Also let me know if you have two opposing sides of your style. I'd love to know what they are! 

This post was kindly sponsored by ICE Watch but all opinions and looks are my own.