A Break in the Rain

Jumper - C/O Jack Wills | Jeans - C/O Jack Wills | Backpack - C/O Radley | Shoes - Dune London

Last weekend my boyfriend and I took a little road trip up to Leeds for the 2017 Bloggers Blog Awards. If you didn't know already (because to be honest, I nattered on about it enough), I was shortlisted for Best Instagrammer, which was so exciting as I've been working super hard on my Instagram for the past two years. 

Leeds was in full Autumnal bloom, albeit a little bit rainy, but luckily we caught a break in the rain long enough to shoot these photos. I spotted this gorgeous red and orange leafy wall on the drive to our Airbnb and I practically screamed, "We NEED to come back here in the morning!" at my boyfriend, then promptly forgot where it was. Luckily, Tom is a little more perceptive than me and located it quickly the following morning.

Turns out this location was the perfect place to rock my new Jack Wills mom jeans and hella Autumnal knit. I've literally never owned a pair of mom jeans in my life! If we're being honest, I'm a bit of a munchkin in the height department, so I was a bit scared of them making me look like an actual mom, but I actually think they're super flattering! They're also ridiculously comfy and not at all like leg prisons. Win win! 

By the way, this was the Airbnb we stayed in for the night and it was actually the cutest thing ever! The hosts even left me a 'Well Done You' card to say congratulations for being shortlisted which was so thoughtful. 

And the awards? Well, I didn't win sadly, but I did get Highly Commended, so that's something! A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me. Your support really does mean the world to me, more than you know, and I appreciated every single person who took the time out of their day to pop me a cheeky vote! x