Another Day of Sun

Top - Topshop | Shorts - PINK | Bag - C/O Zatchels | Shoes - C/O Rocket Dog

Sunny days call for sunny flowers, of course! I'm starting to realise as I'm writing this that the sunny British weather that we had last Bank Holiday Monday has turned rather quickly into a weird, rainy, muggy warmth that I am definitely not a fan of. That whole being too cold but still sweaty thing? No thank you!

Now, I'm just preparing myself for the oncoming Autumn! I've already hung up my fairy lights and popped out the decorative pumpkins so I can start to get into my annual hygge. I know hygge isn't really a trend anymore, but it's something I still want to embrace every year, especially as someone who suffers from SAD. And today, rather than getting into the Autumnal spirit, I found myself feeling rather festive and excited for Christmas. ON SEPTEMBER 4TH. What is wrong with me?!

Anyway, I suppose it's better to be excited for the colder months rather than dreading them like I usually am. Either way, this post is just me holding on to that last little bit of sunshine, as well as hoping that I can get my use out of these incredible pink crushed velvet trainers from Rocket Dog that arrived at my door. They are probably the most ridiculous thing in my wardrobe, but I'm not even sorry. They're adorable.

I'd love to know how you're finding the weather lately. If you're in England, are you adapting well to the Autumn? And if you're abroad, what's your climate like? Let me know in the comments! x

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