An Autumn Fairytale

Once upon a time, the woods called to me.
They asked me to get lost amongst their creaking arms
And gentle whispers of the breeze that
Grew ever chillier by the day.
Cloaked in scarlet and raven I felt drawn to
The golden decay of the changing seasons
Despite the grim darkness that consumed the mornings.

I fell for the charms of the Fall;
For the broken leaves
The crimson climbers
The shining jewels of the horse chestnut.
Stepping forth into the quiet forest
And breathing in the smell of fires burning
Somewhere off in the distance.

But for all its beauty, Autumn held solitude.
Between the withering branches I felt a soft
Yet overwhelming sorrow that clung 
To me like damp fog. 
The trees told me not to let the sadness
Take me.
But I let it. 

I had offered up my heart to the wolves
Hopeless that someone would ever
Find me. 
Until I saw that flicker of magic
That the Fall had held onto for me
Asking me to follow it 
And remember where I came from.

I saw the flickering embers
So close within my reach,
And I took 
One step at a time
Into the warmth.
And I realised that maybe
I was never lost at all. 

Huge thanks to Olivia for making this incredible hood! 

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