The Fairytale Hotel

As someone who is a self-confessed control freak when it comes to holiday planning (I like to know exactly what we're going to be doing on each day at what time etc etc...), I have to say it was a bit of a struggle to let my boyfriend take control of choosing a hotel. Because Milan was a surprise, I had literally no clue where we were off to until that week, so it was up to him to find somewhere. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to hotels too, so he was under a bit of pressure.

But I soon discovered we were staying in Chateau Monfort; an absolutely stunning converted mansion located just 15 minutes from the Duomo. Not only was the building pink (so it's already a dream come true), but the interior is based around the theme of fairy tales, with the white rabbit as their mascot. Holy moly, the boy really did do good. 

Our room was the most adorable place I'd ever seen, with a keyhole wardrobe, a stunning tree mirror and a bathroom that has stepped out of my actual dreams (give me all that white marble!). 

Not only did we have a stunning room, but the lobby was so gorgeous that I could have probably spent the entire holiday there and not gotten bored. A white grand piano, a bar with a ticking clock and free sweets laid out in quirky, rabbit-shaped jars. 

Of course I took the opportunity to adorn my best tulle skirt and prance around pretending to be a princess. Can you blame me!?

Our booking also meant that we had free access to the most unique spa I've ever been in. It felt like stepping into some kind of mystical bathing house, with cool pools of water and waterfalls cascading from the ceilings. There was also the most incredible chandelier illuminating the beautiful pool. 

Chateau Monfort also very kindly gifted us with two 30 minute massages, which I have to say were pretty incredible. We had them on our second day and our feet were definitely already tired from walking around so much, so it was very welcome! The half hour consisted of a back and leg massage and my lord she had magic hands. I would highly recommend it if you're looking to be pampered into an almost comatose state of relaxation!

I cannot rant and rave about this hotel enough, honestly! Not only was it stunningly beautiful and matched my aesthetic perfectly, but the staff were so lovely and couldn't do enough to help. I've found with some hotels they're constantly trying to upsell you things within the hotel, but this wasn't the case with them at all. So if you're ever in Milan and fancy a bit of magic, I'd definitely snag a room! x