Golden Hour

What I'm Wearing

Dress - C/O Fat Face | Shoes - C/O Fat Face

Is it me or does it feel like we've had a super long summer this year? I honestly am expecting the weather to turn rapidly soon to snowfall because we've been so lucky with the sun. I've been able to do so many different things this year thanks to the lack of rain, including my fair share of picnics and long walks around the beautiful English countryside.

Queue the absolutely beautiful new collection from my faves over at Fat Face for Summer. As soon as I saw this beautiful blue and white striped dress I knew it had to be mine because isn't it just dreamy? Not only does it look adorable but it might just be the comfiest thing I've ever worn. It's also ridiculously soft and light, perfect for when we get those random days of 30 degree heat. 

I'm also very excited to introduce my boyfriend Tom who is appearing on the blog for the first time! I finally roped him into doing a spot of modelling and I think he's done a pretty good job! I haven't really ever looked at the men's clothing from Fat Face before but boy do they have a gorgeous range! From your classic chinos to light linen jumpers, they've got the perfect summer capsule wardrobe. So if you're one of the few men who read my blog, or you're looking to treat your other half I'd definitely check them out!

The evening we shot these photos turned out to be so beautiful and I absolutely adored the golden hour lighting we managed to snag. We nestled ourselves away within the long grass of the fields with our picnic basket and a couple of books, daydreaming about life and everything to come. 

What Tom's Wearing

Shirt - C/O Fat Face | Chinos - C/O Fat Face | Jumper - C/O Fat Face

This post was kindly sponsored by Fat Face but all opinions are my own.