Mountain Sound

Ski Jacket - Topshop | Ski Pants - Decathlon | Jumper - Similar here

As much as I am a sun baby, there's something truly peaceful about escaping to the mountains. At the start of March I had been going through a pretty tough time mentally, and it felt like my trip had come just in time. It had been over ten years since my last visit to the slopes and I have to say, I was pretty nervous about getting back on my skis. But, after a little bit of practise, it was like I had never left. 

We had chosen Nendaz as our resort of choice; a little town high up in the Swiss Alps. I have to say, it wasn't the best ski resort I'd ever been to. The slopes were quite limited and icy, and the lifts were outdated, but to be honest I didn't really mind. There was nothing better than breathing in the pure mountain air and feeling the sun on my face. 

Each day we stopped for lunch, but my favourite spot had to be Chalet Novelly; a tiny cluster of wood cabins perched on the edge of a tricky red slope that filled up pretty quickly when the sun was out. They served the best damn burgers and fries I've ever tasted, as well as warming tomato soup with crusty bread. If you ever happen to find yourself there, I'd definitely recommend the stop! 

Before my trip I was determined to look stylish on the slopes, which I realise is a bit ridiculous but if I can be stylish, why wouldn't I be? I never actually realised that Topshop did skiwear, but as soon as I put on this gorgeous white jacket I felt so flipping cosy that it was unreal! I couldn't believe how amazing the quality was, especially for the price. 

The thing I think I love most about skiing is the freedom you feel when you gather speed on the slope and suddenly don't worry about falling over or where you're just know. And when the weather is clear, it definitely makes all the difference. On the final day we headed to the highest point we could and were presented with the most beautiful view I've ever seen; snowy peaks that reminded me of frosted cakes. Big thanks to Papa Brown for taking all these shots of me (he really came through as blog photographer!). 

Stay tuned for more from Switzerland very soon...x