6 Shows on Netflix I've Been Loving

Despite having always been a keen movie buff, I've recently discovered a new found love for TV shows. I often find it hard to get into a show enough to watch it all the way through, but when I do get hooked, boy do I get hooked.

I'm talking seven hour binge watching sessions. I regret nothing. 

And, let's face it, Netflix is pretty damn awesome, and I'm kind of blaming my boyfriend for this one because I've never seen someone as obsessed with it as he is. 

So without further ado, here are the 6 shows on Netflix I've been absolutely obsessed with. 

1. Stranger Things

A proper throwback to your classic 80's sci fi films, I can't rave about Stranger Things enough. If you're a lover of a good old fashioned Stephen Spielberg number, then be prepared because the nostalgia is about to hit you right in the chops. 

It follows the disappearance of a young boy in an American town, but it soon becomes apparent that there's something darker lurking in the shadows. 

2. Suits

I've got the guy I'm dating to thank for this one, because I'm not going to lie, the idea of watching a show about lawyers doesn't really sell it for me. But it's actually ridiculously engaging and funny. It's all about a big-shot lawyer who hires a new associate who secretly never went to law school. Ensue much drama and frequent use of the word "goddamn". 

Also, if you don't fall in love with Harvey Specter after watching this, then I'll eat my hat.

3. 13 Reasons Why

I'm sure you've probably heard so much about this one already, but 13 Reasons Why broke me. Based on the best selling novel that I read when I was in secondary school (and loved), a girl kills herself and leaves 13 tapes to the people who are responsible for her taking her own life. 

Warning: this one is brutal. There are some very graphic scenes to the point where I couldn't even watch. But the message of the show is extremely powerful and definitely one to watch.

4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

You all know I love a musical, and Rachel Bloom's hilariously ridiculous sit-com pushes the boundaries of musical comedy, as well actually remaining very sympathetic around the subject of mental health. 

The main character is a top lawyer in New York, but miserable, until she spots her childhood sweetheart on the streets and decides to follow him to California to try and win him back (as you do). The songs are catchy, the characters are lovable and the writing is just downright side-splitting. 

5. Once Upon A Time

I have this kind of love/hate relationship with Once Upon A Time, as it's now on its 6th season and kind of running out of steam, but I still find myself enjoying it (although I'm kind of hoping it ends soon XD). The show revolves around fairy tale characters who have been transported from their world to our world of no magic, and thus, adventures await. 

If you like Disney, you're bound to appreciate this one, as a lot of the characters are directly taken from Disney movies and there's a lot of fun Easter eggs to spot.

6. A Series of Unfortunate Events

As someone who absolutely adored the original book series by Lemony Snicket (and took a real disliking to the unfaithful film adaptation), I have absolutely loved the Netflix Original Series version. The style is very quirky, littered with black humour and kind of reminds me of another favourite show of mine, Pushing Daisies. 

The series is a lot more like the original books, and if you like lexical humour and dark comedy, you'll love this. Also, Neil Patrick Harris is in it. Need I say more?

I'd love to get your recc's for what to watch next! My list has been looking pretty empty recently and I'm always up for binging a new series.