Pet Angel

Not going to lie, I'm definitely using this blog post as an excuse to share all the cute pictures of Oscar. I hope you don't mind! 

If you haven't met Oscar yet, where have you been!? My little sidekick has been in my life for nearly two years now and every day I remember how lucky I am to have this scruff ball in my life. Scruff ball is definitely the best word to describe him. So you can imagine my joy when the lovely people at Tangle Angel sent through a lovely little package to treat both me and Oscar! 

I've used one of the Tangle Angel Baby brushes before (which is the cutest keyring brush ever!), so was excited to try out one of their full size brushes* on myself. As someone with the knottiest hair ever, I do love to try out anything that aims to detangle it, and Tangle Angel definitely does the job, especially on wet hair. One thing I do find, however, is that it doesn't completely get out knots from every layer of my hair because of how thick it is, so I usually end up with remaining knots at the base of my neck. This is something I've found with a lot of detangle brushes, so I'm thinking that it may just be because I have so much hair

BUT, I was totally impressed by their new Pet Angel* brush! As you can see, Oscar's grown quite attached to it, which is pretty much a miracle because Oscar usually hates being brushed! But with this one he seems to be totally loving the feeling, especially on his belly as he always seems to roll over when I'm brushing him. It also does a fabulous job of brushing out any messy fur and making him look a bit more presentable, as well as being antibacterial! 

I would 100% recommend the Pet Angel brush for your furry friends, and the original Tangle Angel if you've got thinner hair as I can imagine it being really fantastic. Let me know if you have a furry friend in your life who you think would like this brush (mainly because I just want to hear about your pets, not gonna lie!) x