Go Coconuts with Natural World

So, I'm really trying to resist opening this post with a Moana reference...but let's face it, can I ever resist a Disney reference?


Okay, I'm good now. And if you don't get it, then that just gives you an excuse to watch Moana! Anyway, let's talk about this incredible new haircare range from Natural World, which I am currently flipping obsessed with. The first time I heard about this brand was at an event where they kindly gave me some samples of their hair oils. I shared them with my mama and we both absolutely loved it, so I was super excited to try their new Coconut Water Range*. 

Consisting of the Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Oil, the range is totally free from parabens, phosphates, dyes and gluten, which is pretty damn awesome. It's also made with 95% natural derived ingredients and certified organic coconut extract. Now that I've got the facts out the way, how does it actually hold up?

Well, not only are the bottles mahoosive, so they're probably going to last me for the next year, but I found them to be totally perfect for hydrating my crazy dry ends. I do, however, suffer from notoriously greasy roots, and these products are supposed to be lightweight to prevent this. I definitely didn't find them to be greasy at all which is perfect for me.

Also, they are a serious bargain. Seriously, I couldn't believe the price of these! I'm completely impressed by these products and love that it's 95% natural, rather than throwing a ton of synthetics at my hair.

Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried anything from Natural World! x

This post was kindly sponsored by Natural World but all opinions are my own.