Let me just take a moment to breath a heavy sigh, because these photos are seriously making me miss Dubai (ooh, that rhymed!). But seriously, can we just not have Winter anymore please? The cold weather is actually getting slightly ridiculous. 

There really is something about the colour red that makes me so happy. I don't know what it is, but I always feel 100% sexier when I wear red. Cringe, I know. But I'm not afraid to say it; I flipping love red. Red dresses, red lingerie, red swimwear. I just adore it. 

I'm also a little bit obsessed with the above photo, because when I look at it it reminds me so much of Moana (from the new Disney film, Moana, if you didn't know) and I feel like I can conquer anything. By the way, if you haven't seen the film yet you must because it is the best Disney film I've seen in a long time and, dare I say it, even better than Frozen

Bikini Top - Missguided | Bikini Bottoms - Missguided

So, while flouncing around the beach pretending to be as sassy as Pamela Anderson, I definitely realised that this bikini made me feel like a million dollars. I adore the scallop shape which is super flattering and just a little bit different from your average bikini set. 

A lot of people do ask me how I have the confidence to take my swimwear and lingerie photos, and I have to say, I really wasn't always like this. I didn't even really wear regular bras until I was 16 because I found them annoying and uncomfortable, and the idea of a strappy bikini made my stomach turn. It wasn't until a couple of years back that I truly learned to love my body and now I love to show it off. Call me vain, but I think everyone has the right to love their body and show it off how they see fit. 

I really do find that pretty bikinis give me the world of confidence, and although I won't be saving lives in the ocean in it any time soon, I think it's a pretty cracking self-love booster.