Poolside Pin Up

I have always adored vintage style and incorporating it into my modern day wardrobe. Although I'm definitely not dedicated enough to go fully vintage like some of the amazing ladies I see on Instagram, there's nothing quite like feeling you've stepped out of a postcard from the 50's! 

Not going to lie, I've never ever owned a pair of high waisted bikini bottoms in my life. I've always looked at them hanging on the peg in shops and thought, "Ew, those are such granny pants!" I mean, they just look massive!

But, I kid you not, as soon as I slipped this pair on I felt like a million dollars. They are pretty much the most flattering bottoms ever and the best part is they suit pretty much anyone of any shape.

Bikini  - C/O Fantasie Lingerie

I also adore the halter neck style of the top, which just adds to that vintage holiday feel. I just keep imagining I'm a pin-up doll when looking at these photos! 

This pattern comes in tons of different styles, so if you're not one for the vintage look they have more modern designs too. 

Also, if you don't follow my Instagram then you won't have met Gerald! Because every blogger ever needs to have some form of novelty inflatable now, my parents bought me this one for my birthday. Flamingos are one of my all time favourite animals and I decided to name him Gerald because it was the first name to pop into my head. P.S. It's super hard to pose on one of these! I don't know how bloggers do it! 

A big thank you to Monica for taking these photos as well. She's such a babe so make sure you check her blog out! 

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are tackling the new week head on! Let me know if you've got any exciting plans in the comments below. I've been seriously missing the Dubai sun while editing these pics. Bring on the warmer weather, England!