The Girly Christmas Gift Guide - Main Gifts

When it comes to main gifts, I'm pretty stereotypical not going to lie! I LOVE everything cute, cosy and adorable so I think this may be reflected in this second part of the guide. But to be honest, you can't go wrong with a cute candle and a pair of fuzzy slippers in my opinion!

So Kate Spade have always been my favourite for bags and purses, but did you know about their insanely beautiful candles!? I love the fact that they come in their own ceramic pots that can be used again and again to hold makeup brushes or for the next candle! This one is a personal favourite and reads "Pretty and witty make the perfect pair", which I think sums me up entirely. There's also another cheeky addition from Aromand with their big candle in the scent 'Apple and Ginger Pudding', which smells like Christmas in a candle.

If you're buying for a special someone, I always think jewellery is a wonderful gift. It's something you can wear every day and will always remind you of the moment you were given it. The morse code bracelet from Under the Rose is so unique and lovely and I think it's so special to  have a message that only you and one other person can read. (Mine says "Hello Miss Jordan"!). I also adore this cute necklace and pink pearl bracelet, both gorgeous additions to any jewellery lover's wardrobe.

I've also seen these adorable light boxes everywhere recently and I love seeing them popping up in people's Instagrams! They're definitely one trend I don't mind jumping on. 

If you want to go super luxurious, these Pretty You London slippers and Fantasie lingerie are the ultimate presents to get if you really want to spoil someone. I mean, they're just beautiful! 

Also how adorable is this pom pom bag?! If you've got a Winter holiday coming up soon it's the perfect addition to your beach wardrobe! 

Lingerie - Kate Spade Candle - Aromand Candle - Pearl Bracelet - Necklace - Light Box - Slippers - Morse Code Bracelet - Beach Bag

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