7 Thoughts I Had While Watching Fantastic Beasts

I've never written movie reviews on here before, even though films are one of my all time favourite passions and to be honest, I could probably be a critic from the amount I've seen. BUT, the other day I finally got to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and HOLY MOLY I LOVED IT.

You all know I'm borderline OBSESSED with anything Harry Potter related. I absolutely adore everything about the books and the films are just the perfect way to spend any lazy day in my opinion. After seeing the film I had so many thoughts about the movie that I was just going to do a little Twitter thread, but decided that my fangirl tangent really needed it's own blog post. So here are the 7 thoughts I had while watching Fantastic Beasts. WARNING: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. 

1. Jacob Kowalski is my spirit animal. 

Let's face it, we are ALL Jacob. His absolute overwhelming wonder at experiencing magic is pretty much me the first time I read a Harry Potter book. The fact that he does a little scream when Newt vanishes inside his case had me in stitches because I related so damn hard to him! Also, we both share a mutual love for all things pastry and bread related, and for that I respect you Mr Kowalski! I'll take one frosted Demiguise, please. 

2. Can I just have all of Queenie's wardrobe, please?

Queenie is one of my favourite characters from the film, defying the stereotype of the pretty blonde and being pretty damn badass as well! She's also a freaking amazing Legilimens. But the fashion blogger in me was downright pining over her on fleek wardrobe throughout the film. All the velvet and blush tones are the most dreamy things ever. Someone get me a pink velvet coat and matching beret, stat!

3. FREAKING OUT when Credence breaks down the walls.

OH HELL YES CREDENCE. That moment when the three walls break down between him and Graves is pretty much my favourite part of the film. Even though he's about to cause absolute chaos and destruction I can't help but be like COME ON MY SON. Credence is badass. #pleasedon'tbedead


The big twist of the movie that Graves was in fact Grindelwald in disguise the whole time literally had me doing an impression of that shocked face emoji. I did not see that coming.

5. Newt Scamander is the biggest cutie pie ever.

I think Eddie Redmayne needs to issue a statement of apology for the fact that everyone who sees the movie is now in love with Newt Scamander. Even though he seems quite bumbling and unsure of himself, he proves that he can think on his feet and casts some serious spell action. Like come on, Redmayne, you can't make a character so beloved and then throw us back into our muggle reality where there's no chance of finding a babein' Hufflepuff magical creature protector. Not fair.

6. I NEED a Niffler in my life.

I mean, the Niffler pretty much steals the show with it's adorable fuzzy self that pick pockets people & shoves copious amounts of jewels into his soft little belly. Who doesn't want a friend that is both super cute AND means you'll never be poor again?! Sadly, the closest I'll probably ever get to having my own Niffler is if I buy the Funko Pop or a soft toy *single tear*. 

7. J.K. Rowling is a queen.

I say this statement on a daily basis, but I stand by it once again. QUEEEEEN.