Lush Christmas, 2016

I'm dreaming of a Lush Christmas...

Back around the end of October, I created a little post all about Lush's Halloween collection which you guys absolutely loved! So I thought I'd do the same with their absolutely gorgeous Christmas products and show you a couple of my faves.

As you may or may not know, I work at Lush, which means I very luckily get given a staff Christmas box containing a few of the team's favourite products to try out! Opening the box was literally like Christmas coming early, and I couldn't wait to give them all a sniff and a try and feel just very clean and awesome by the end of it! 

So, here's a little run down for you lovely lot, just in case you either haven't tried Lush's Christmas range before (YOU MUST!) or you're a bit unsure of what to buy this season. There's so many gorgeous gift ideas, or just opportunities to treat yo' self. 

Northern Lights Bath Bomb: One of my favourite bath bombs of the season and so popular that we nearly always sell out is Northern Lights! A purple, tube shaped bomb with yellow and blue bombs on either end which gives a stunning effect when placed in the bath. It literally looks like the night sky! It's also super floral, which I love. 

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb: This one is absolutely fantastic as a present, as it has a little surprise in the middle! It turns the water deep, shimmery blue while revealing a cluster of golden, cocoa butter stars that separate and float around in the bath. It smells like honey but is actually vegan! 

Elf on the Shelf Fun: This one is my favourite scent of all the Christmas Funs this year, containing grapefruit and ginger oils that smell absolutely divine. You can mould it into your very own elf on the shelf (which I only just discovered is an actual game people play around Christmas) and then use him as shampoo, bubbles or body wash. He also has little paper legs, aww!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb: The ultimate bath bomb experience comes in the form of Golden Wonder, a shimmery present with a surprise blue centre, glitter and mini, multicoloured bath bombs as well as gold stars *exhale*. There's a lot to love, and it smells pretty spectacular. 

So White Bath Bomb: I think I'm biased saying this one is my favourite (mainly because they're all my favourite) because it's named after a Disney Princess, but this adorable, apple shaped bath bomb contains rose and bergamot oils as well as neroli which is meant to make you happier when you smell it! I'll take six!

Santa's Postbox Soap: Sadly, this adorable little postbox doesn't look like mine when it comes in the shop unless you buy it in a gift box, but it still smells amazing when cut off the giant version! It's super citrusy with orange flower, bergamot and mandarin. 

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub: The perfect stocking filler, this sweet scented delight will scrub your lips clean and avoid all that horrible, Winter dryness that plagues our lips. It's edible, so try not to eat the whole pot in one go! 

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner: A new addition to the Snow Fairy collection, the body conditioner is perfect if you can't be asked with all that applying body lotion in the cold malarky this season. Simply slap on in the shower and then rinse for super soft skin. I personally don't like the Snow Fairy scent (GASP!), but I know basically nearly everyone else does! 

Sleepy Body Lotion: Now, this is a scent I do love! Applying this lotion before bed sends me off to dreamland almost instantly, with a gorgeous, lavender, oatmeal and tonka for the most soothing of pampering sessions. It smells just like the Twilight bath bomb, so if you like that you'll love this!

Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb: Rock and roll fans will love this one for the name, but I love it because it has fresh bananas in it as well as fair trade cocoa butter for a super nourishing bath time. It smells flipping fantastic and looks pretty gorgeous in the water too! 

Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything from the new Lush Christmas range, and what products you think you'll like the most!