The Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend, I went super blogger and super Autumn all in one go. I went PUMPKIN PICKING! *insert praise hands emoji here*. Yep, I did probably the most Autumnal activity you can think of and let me tell you, it was flipping amazing.

I have always wanted to go pumpkin picking and since this year I am fully embracing Autumn, I thought it would be a great activity to do, especially since I had a random Saturday off work. So, me and my family piled into the car and headed for PYO Pumpkins in Rochester, which I had found after a quick google search. 

As soon as I saw the orange glow of the fields over the horizon, I knew we were in for a treat. And boy, I was not disappointed. Fields upon fields of pumpkins, squashes and corn in pretty much every shape and size imaginable! 

It also meant I could rock all the Autumnal tones in my brand new camel jumper from Miss Selfridge! I have wanted one for ages as they go with pretty much everything in my Autumn capsule wardrobe and I absolutely adore the shade of this one. It's a very warm camel which means I don't look washed out, especially with my new hair colour. 

I paired it up with my classic oxblood leather skirt (which I still adore, even though I bought it a year ago), and some accessories that would give even the falling leaves a run for their money. 

Jumper - Miss Selfridge | Skirt - Zara (Similar here) | Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Co.

 Beret - C/O Fat Face | Boots - C/O Fat Face

The day was absolutely beautiful; clear but cloudy and with that bite that the changing seasons always seems to bring. 

My brother pushed the wheelbarrow and it wasn't long before we had a pretty good looking haul! 

Although my family did start to become slightly concerned that I was turning into one of the inhabitants...

The farm was pretty spectacular, and while I found myself hiding in the corn field we could hear the staff dancing in the top field to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. One thing I noticed throughout my time there was that everyone was so happy! The staff, the visitors, everyone was just in the best mood possible as they dove in and out of patches attempting to find their perfect veggie friends. 

Maybe Halloween is just one of those happy holidays, where nobody feels competitive or stressed. I think that's what makes it one of my favourites! 

I am so glad we ended up heading down to the farm for the day. It was such a wonderful experience, especially at this time of year, and we ended up getting a good lot of pumpkins for a very reasonable price! The farm is open for pumpkin picking until the end of October, so definitely check them out if you're in the area and looking for a fun activity. 

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