Dominique Ansel, London

It's finally happened, people of Britain. Dominique Ansel has come to London. 

If you're not familiar with the famous New York Bakery, then the word "Cronut" might ring more of a bell. That's right, the GENIUS who invented pretty much the most heavenly sugar overload has put up shop right by Victoria, and I just knew I had to visit. 

I decided to surprise my best friend Olivia for her birthday by taking her here. I knew as soon as I read the menu that it would be the perfect lunch spot (and sweet spot of course!).

We entered the building, which was bustling and busy, gorgeously laid out with white marble tables (Instagrammers, take note!) and rows upon rows of gorgeously intricate cakes.  

I was just about to order up the Cronut when BAM. I saw it. The sign. 

"Our Cronut has sold out! Over 350+ sold today."

*Insert Darth Vader's "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" sound effect here*

I absolutely couldn't believe it. The Cronut had gone. As it turns out, they all sell out before 12pm which I really didn't think about. But we didn't let it get us down, and we ordered up four different desserts instead to make up for it. It also means we just have to return! 

The first dessert we chose was the Apple Tarte Tatin, which turned out to be Olivia's favourite. It was essentially a whole, baked apple coated in delicious caramel and topped with creme fraiche. Incredibly light and delicious, this one is a must if you're a Snow White in disguise! 

The Lime Me Up Tart looked far too good to resist, especially when I saw it had a little interactive element to it. 

You squeeze the fresh lime into the mixture held in a white chocolate curl to create a gorgeous caramel of juice, sea salt, juniper and brown sugar which then soaks into the delicious tart. 

Luckily, despite not having the Cronut, they did have my other "must-try" dessert; Frozen Smores! Prepare yourself for this photo; 1...2...3


The Frozen Smores are made to order and coated in blow torched honey marshmallow. In the centre is vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafer crisps. Absolute. Heaven. Although quite possibly the most difficult thing to eat ever on that stick! 

My personal favourite came in the form of the Eton Mess Lunch Box, which by the way, is a must if you're gluten free! 

The "strawberries" are made from strawberry mousse and jam, and are accompanied by black pepper mini meringues, fromage blanc and mini-basil leaves. In order to eat, one must MASH THIS BAD BOY TO OBLIVION and then shovel it into your mouth like the true lady or gentleman you are. It is THE ONE. 

I cannot recommend Dominique Ansel enough. You can pop in just to take away if you're in a rush, or if you've got a little bit more time on your hands take a seat in the courtyard or at one of the marble tables (a must if you're looking to flatlay). Also Peggy Porschen is right around the corner aka the pinkest, prettiest building ever, so you can snap a pic of that while you're around!

Also, 100% make the trip before 12am so you can snag a Cronut and let me know what it's like. I'm definitely using it as an excuse to go back in the near future! Be aware you can only order 2 at a time, so don't be greedy now! 

You can find Dominique Ansel online here.