A Princess in Paris

It's pretty much always been an absurd dream of mine to prance about Paris in a tulle skirt, acting as though I were in some kind of old fashioned movie where I'm Audrey Hepburn exploring a beautiful new place. Well, I made that dream come true!

Paris is one of those cities that I've visited before but never really appreciated as I was so young. Getting to return and really take in the beautiful surroundings was an absolute treat (much like the numerous pastries I consumed during the trip!).

It also meant I got to show off this stunning new tulle skirt from my babes at Jones and Jones. Believe it or not, this is the first one I've owned that's of a longer length, which means it's not quite as poofy as my other ones, but gives a graceful elegance and definitely a more versatile style. 

I paired it up with this Boohoo top, mostly because the front reminds me of a ballerina's top! 

Shoes - C/O New Look || Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company || Sunglasses - Primark

My new adventure also gave me the perfect excuse to get my traveller satchel out and about. It's even more perfect for journeys than I had hoped for, being just big enough to fit all the essentials while not feeling like I'm lugging it around. 

The first day was warm but cloudy, and we took the opportunity to walk and see the sights of Paris. We didn't go in much, but just took the time to view the architecture in all its glory. I really don't know how all those years ago I missed its beauty! 

There's a quote from Audrey herself (or at least that's what Google tells me) that says, "Paris is always a good idea" and I couldn't agree more. I think we often take for granted how close we are in the UK to all these incredible cities that people around the world only dream of visiting. A two hour train and we're there! How amazing is that?! 

I fell asleep that evening feeling pretty satisfied that I had achieved my little dream...now to go find a new one!