Weekend of Happiness

Not going to lie, I've never really seen myself as a 'festival girl'. The idea of going away, getting drenched in the rain with no way to warm up while being drunk has never really appealed to me. But Latitude was different, and I'm not just saying that because I was able to go with such a fantastic brand. 

The lovely people at Fat Face invited me along to be a part of their #WashedInHappiness campaign, and you all know how much I love them! I've worked with them several times in the past and they have always been a joy to be associated with. So, I was absolutely over the moon to go away for the weekend and see all that Latitude had to offer. I also dragged along the lovely April Todd for the weekend to keep me company and take some shots! 

We arrived on the Saturday to the most glorious weather Britain had to offer (and I'm not even being sarcastic this time!). I really did feel washed in happiness and sunshine throughout the entire trip. 

My outfit for day 1 was this beautiful cami/shorts combo, which was just light and airy enough to get me through the insane heat that was to afflict us that day. 

The cami is just the most beautiful thing, a cascade of beautifully printed, lightweight material that kind of felt like I was wearing nothing. 

Fat Face's chino shorts are also a staple for any wardrobe; super comfortable and go with pretty much anything in your summer wardrobe! 

Cami - C/O Fat Face || Shorts - C/O Fat Face

If you didn't know, Fat Face were sponsoring the lake at this year's Latitude, and they had the cutest little beach hut full of pretty towels, bikinis and more so you could take a dive in the gorgeous cool waters. 

We arrived in the afternoon on the Saturday, so we spent most of the day relaxing and strolling around, seeing what Latitude had to offer. And my god, it offered pink sheep

You can tell how much of a cool cat I am when the thing I get most excited about are the pink sheep, but LOOK HOW CUTE?! If you're worried about them being dyed, don't worry! The process is super safe for the sheep and doesn't harm them at all. 

In the afternoon we watched Josh Widdecombe in the comedy tent. We went to bed that evening feeling thoroughly relaxed and ready to start the next day (aka the hottest day of the year). 

We woke up to temperatures of around 30C, which only meant one thing; stripping off. Wait, what? 

Not entirely! To continue with their awesome lake theme, they kindly sent me this stunning bikini set which is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

The material is insanely soft and dotted with the most gorgeous little butterfly dots I've ever seen. I also love that it doesn't have tie-sides, as this style suits me so much more. Any other ladies with a pear shape will know what I'm talking about! 

Bikini Bottoms - C/O Fat Face || Bikini Top - C/O Fat Face

Aaaaand of course I made the mistake of sitting down on the jetty before taking photos of my back! Nice little wet bum patch there!

The lake was truly beautiful and the most wonderful addition to a festival I've ever seen! It was definitely a good idea on the Sunday when we were roasting our socks off. 

We continued the rest of the day as you would at any festival, exploring the fairground and eating ice cream...right? :P

Yes, I know, us party animals are out of control! I went for a DOUBLE Mr Whippy instead of a single. This is how you know I'm serious. 

Our second day consisted of watching Bill Bailey on comedy, before settling down at the Obelisk Arena to watch The Lumineers as the sun set.

As I sat there I just tried to take in how amazing the weekend had been and how grateful I was to have been chosen for the opportunity. We had been so lucky with the weather, everything and it was truly a little spot of British paradise. 

Dungaree Dress - C/O Fat Face

After the sun went down we saw Of Monsters and Men play late into the night (my favourite band of all time) and I truly felt so happy. I want to say a huge thank you to the team at Fat Face for all their hard work at organising this incredible trip! It was so amazing and a memory I'll never forget.

My trip to Latitude was organised and paid for by Fat Face, but all opinions and joyful words are my own.

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