Peonies & Passports

It's definitely not a secret that I adore pretty accessories. Something about them just makes everything brighter! I'm also obsessed with all things blogger cliche, as you know. This is including but not limited to; pink peonies, white marble, copper and selfies. So when the lovely people at Nunuco Design Company got in touch to ask if I'd like to review some products from their website I was absolutely over the moon! 

They're a Finland-based company specialising in some of the most beautiful phone cases, stationery and accessories I've ever seen. It kind of reminds me of Rifle Paper Co crossed with Skinny Dip, and I have to say I'm pretty much in love with everything on their website. 

Phone Case - C/O Nunuco Design Company

Let's just talk about how obsessed I am with this phone case. Not only does it have FLIPPING PEONIES on it, but it's clear so you can still see the beauty that is the rose gold iPhone (aka my soul). The case is made from a rubber like material as opposed to a typical solid plastic one, which means it's much more durable and easier to attach to the phone. It also feels a lot nicer to hold in the hand and there's no chance of the peony pattern chipping away like I find with some other cases! 

Passport Holder - C/O Nunuco Design Company

The passport holder is equally adorable, featuring some gorgeous brush art of some of my favourite cities! It's the perfect protector for my passport and definitely instagrammable enough for when I have to take the classic "FWIS with passport and optional coffee in my hand" photo. 

The inside of the case is fantastic as well, as it has slots for cards and tickets. This is such a fantastic addition and will definitely come in handy on long haul flights when I don't feel like taking a huge purse.

I'd definitely recommend checking out Nunuco Design Company! They have some seriously gorgeous stuff unlike anything I've ever seen in shops in the UK and it's all so Instagram worthy I could cry! I can imagine they'd make perfect gifts too! 

Let me know what you think of my new accessories in the comments and what your favourite pieces from the website are! They also do some gorgeous agendas so they may be my stop for 2017!