The Dream Kitchen - A Tour

After receiving some amazing feedback on my dream bedroom post, I thought I'd expand the horizons a bit and show you my kitchen too! This was some thing that I was so excited to design and sometimes I can hardly believe that it's my kitchen, to be honest! 

The kitchen that came with the house originally was extremely old and small and really didn't make use of space all that well, so we thought it best to go with a completely new, upgraded look. As my house is tiny, it's so important to make the most of the space you do have!

One of my favourite things about it has to be my glass cabinets, where I keep all my favourite mugs & cookbooks that I love having on display. I've been waiting for the opportunity to buy a Mrs Potts & Chip tea set as I think they'll look absolutely perfect on one of the shelves!

My little pink teapot is actually a wax burner, would you believe! I got it for Christmas last year and it's from a company called Scentsy who do so many cool designs. It's a bit like an Avon company, except with candles so you can only buy from a local consultant, but I absolutely love it & not having the environmental waste of tea light candles all the time.

I knew from the get go that I wanted white marble surfaces (classic blogger!), but I was soon to discover that you can't actually have marble as a work surface in a kitchen because it's porous (oops!). So instead we had to go for a Quartz with a white marble effect, which was on the more pricey end of the scale but it's so beautiful. I chose the cupboards in the colour 'Cappuccino', which is like an off-grey. Originally I wanted all white but when I thought about it, it wouldn't have looked quite as nice with the surfaces. 

For the splash back I chose classic white tiles after admiring so many Pinterest kitchens with them. They're classic, easy to clean and brighten up the entire room. 

You also may have noticed three little prickly friends on the windowsill there! Again with the blogger cliches, I couldn't have a house without mini cactuses, right?! I got these from Ikea and they came in the little white pots. 

Now, this is a weird one, but I always wanted a movie poster in my kitchen. When I was younger I went round a friend's house and their parents had a poster of the film Vertigo framed in their kitchen. I honestly loved it and knew if I ever got my own place I would do the same, except of course I chose my favourite movie of all time; Singin' in the Rain

Not only is it just a fabulous movie, but the blue in the poster matches the duck egg blue walls perfectly. It really does complete the room and I think it adds a little touch of my personality! I got the poster from Amazon here in the A1 size and the frame was from Ikea

My mum had the idea of using Party Ring biscuits for display purposes after seeing it on a home decor show, and I have to agree, they do look pretty adorable! We picked this adorable heart jar up from Home Sense and probably had a lot more Party Rings in it at one point...wonder where they could have gone? 

And of course, to add to the never-ending list of blogger cliches, I got a copper kettle from Sainsbury's. They don't actually sell it there anymore but they do a near-identical one from Next

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my new kitchen! Let me know if you want me to continue with this series with the living room and I'll whip up a post for you <3