Alyn Williams at the Westbury

It's a food post! *praise hands emoji* 

I feel like I haven't done a proper food post in so long, so I'm super excited to be back at it. Since moving away from Brighton, this sadly means that my Brighton based food posts will most likely be few and far between, but it does open up a whole new world of London restaurants! 

The other week I took a day trip to London with my parents for lunch after my mum snagged a good deal on Bookatable. If you don't know, they have some amazing set lunch deals in London that are often fantastic prices (not sponsored, just think they're fab!). 

We took a little stroll to the Westbury, home to Alyn Williams, a luxury 4 rosette, 1 Michelin star restaurant where we were to have a 6 course 'surprise' menu including champagne for £30, which for London is pretty darn amazing! 

As it was a Tuesday lunch time, the restaurant was pretty dead and we were the first people to arrive, however it wasn't long before other tables joined us. 

They quickly served up our glasses of champagne (mum had mine, obviously). 

Followed by some canapés to start. Light choux pastry with parmesan greeted us first (this was my favourite!).

This was joined by the strangest concoction of eel and pastry I had ever tasted. Unfortunately not my thing as I've never really been a fan of eel, but I have the say they did look pretty lovely! 

They also brought up a wonderful selection of breads, along with some butter with molasses (that when spread on the white rolls made them taste like croissants!) and a little cylinder of olive oil butter. 

Then came the starters: tempura soft shell crab with cauliflower, green olives and preserved lemon. This was absolutely delicious. I'm all for anything tempura and the crab was so fresh and light.

For main course came beef cheeks, oyster mushrooms, spring onions and a red wine sauce, again presented absolutely beautifully. 

I've been attempting pescartarianism for a little while now but I'm not strict on it. I didn't want to be difficult with a set menu so I was happy to take whatever was put in front of me. However, I think I may have been off meat just a little too long because as soon as I put some in my mouth I gagged. This isn't because of the food at all merely my own personal tastes. My parents had it and absolutely loved it. 

So the waiter very kindly allowed me to have the fish option from the menu, which I was honestly so grateful for as they really didn't have to do that! Very quickly they dished up the beautiful sea bream with onion soubise, peas, lemon thyme and mussel cream. It was absolutely delicious and just perfect for me. I have to say a huge thank you to the staff as they dealt with my tastes like absolute pros. 

For dessert was only what I can describe as the fanciest Terry's Chocolate Orange ever: Manjari chocolate, roasted orange, honeycomb, maple pastry and orange sorbet. It was the most delicious combination ever and my dad - who is obsessed with anything chocolate and orange wolfed his down in about thirty seconds I'm pretty sure. 

Afterwards we were also brought some coffees and the most delicious salted caramel truffles; completely filled with rich, salted caramel.

As well as some gorgeous lemon meringue petit fours that I could have eaten a dozen of. 

Alyn Williams at the Westbury is definitely somewhere to visit if you happen to be in London for the day. This entire meal costed us £30 each which I think is absolutely fantastic considering the amount of food given and the fact that it's Michelin star. So if you're looking for somewhere that bit more special but not so pricey, Bookatable is the place to go! (Again, not sponsored, just fab deals!). Otherwise, the restaurant is definitely worth a visit, even without the deal as the food and service were second to none. 

Let me know in the comments what you think of the meal and if there's anywhere in London I should visit next!