Summer Styling with New Look

I'm definitely one of those people who buys one thing that goes with everything and then wears it to death. If you've followed me for a while then you've probably seen the same pair of shoes popping up in about seven different posts, even if they're no longer for sale (bad blogger!), but if I'm honest I can never see a reason in buying something that can't be worn with everything! So, I'm kind of a pro at styling up things in more than one way, especially when I don't want to spend the money on two things when I really don't need to. So when the lovely people at New Look asked if I would be able to create a Summer Days and a Summer Nights outfit out of one occasion piece, I jumped at the challenge! 

Summer days, drifting away...

The piece I chose was this stunning skirt from New Look's brand new Occasion Hub. It's just a dream, in the most gorgeous blush colour and fashioned from beautiful, floaty material. 

For my 'Summer Days' Look, I paired it up with a simple, white crop top (another piece that you can style up numerous ways!) and the cutest pair of floral cat ears ever. Yes, I am five years old. But my belief is if you want to be a princess cat, you BE that princess cat, girl!

Cat Ears - C/O New Look

The ears are pretty much the most adorable things I've ever seen and are also available in gold if you fancy a bit more bling to your kitty. 

Meanwhile, on my feet I put a simple pair of wedges, because nothing adds a summer touch like a pair of wedges (that I have also used in blog posts around fifty times). 

...but uh oh those summer nights. 

For the night version of the outfit, I went for a bit more lace, a bit more fur, and some show-stopping heels. 

For the top, I went over to the dark side with a gorgeous little lace number that adds class and style immediately. It's one of my favourite tops and looks fantastic with this skirt! 

This faux fur scrunchie is one of the cutest things I've ever seen, and although has a bit more of a wintery aura, I was definitely loving it for this summer look as well! 

Skirt - C/O New Look || Shoes - C/O New Look || Faux Fur Scrunchie - C/O New Look

Can we also just take a moment to appreciate these heels? Like, please, New Look. All the heart eye emojis are forming right now. They are honestly one of the most gorgeous pairs of shoes I've ever seen and perfect for not just this outfit but a million different combinations because of their neutral colour and classic style. 

I'm still not sure which outfit combination I prefer, but I definitely love bits of both! The best thing about Summer is the endless outfit combinations you can make and I honestly cannot wait until the British weather makes up its mind and I can actually wear these clothes without freezing to death.  Let me know in the comments if you prefer summer days or summer nights, or a bit of both!