Lovely Lace

Photography by Lauren Shipley

Yep, we're back with another lingerie post! As you know I'm pretty much obsessed with lovely underwear; a matching set never fails to make me feel more confident and more beautiful! Now, I hope you're not thinking 'Oh no, Jordan's taking her clothes off again!' and you're more distracted by the gorgeous FigLeaves set with all the heart emoji eyes. 

Bralette - C/O Fig Leaves || Knickers - C/O Fig Leaves

Words cannot describe how much I adore this set. This is actually a bralette which means it's beautiful for every day use as it's completely comfortable. The colour is also just the perfect shade of pink, detailed with black, floral embroidery. 

I layered it underneath my favourite Victoria's Secret nightshirt for the purposes of these photographs, simply because it's a tad on the see-through side! This doesn't stop me from loving the set, however, as it doesn't fail in making me feel sexy. 

Big thanks again to Lauren for putting up with my non-stop outfit photos and for not minding me stripping her house down to underwear and asking her to paint me like one of her French girls taking a few shots. 

If you're as big a fan of lingerie as me, I'd definitely give the FigLeaves website a browse! They really do have some gorgeous pieces if you fancy treating yourself (or a significant other! It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day, you know!).