The Impossible Girl

Short hair, don't care am I right? 

Just kidding! You didn't think I'd go short without consulting you all first, did you? I'm not that mean! As it turns out, I managed to discover a new hairstyle that actually does a pretty good job of creating a short-hair look...and I actually quite like it! Short hair without the sacrifice. In fact, this post has become a Clara Oswald inspired kind of look, hence the title!

Hair aside, the real stars of the show here have to be these American Eagle Outfitters jeggings. Yep, jeggings! They're tag line is actually 'looks like a jean, feels like a jegging' and they pretty much hit the nail on the head there. I'm actually a long time hater of jeans and it's taken a good 22 years now for me to find a pair that I properly don't mind wearing out and about on a daily basis. 

These ones are not just gorgeous looking, with the edgy ripped feel, but they're super comfy with a great stretch as well. 

Jeggings - C/O American Eagle Outfitters 

Trench - Ted Baker || Shirt - Uniqlo (Similar here) || Boots - C/O Jake Shoes

I paired them up with a classic blue and white striped shirt and my favourite Ugg boots (which can be rolled down for a completely different vibe, as you can see!). 

The combo definitely feels very classy, casual and classic (that's a lot of Cs!) and I can definitely see myself wandering around London in this look for events! 

The hairstyle itself is actually very easy. I just put my hair in a very high ponytail on the top of my head and then created a hole above the elastic band. Then I simply pulled the whole ponytail through the hole and ta da! A short hair look without the chop. Although by the time these photos were taken it had been a bit battered by the Brighton wind, not going to lie! 

Let me know what you think of my Clara-esque look and if you think I even suit short hair. I'm not quite convinced enough yet to let go of my mermaid locks! 

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