Christmas Gift Guide for Disney Lovers 2015

Last year, my Christmas Guide for Disney Lovers was met with such a popular response that I knew I had to do it again! As I've said before, despite being mad about Disney, all of the tacky merchandise that's normally associated with it can sometimes really not be to my taste. I'd much rather have something subtle and more personal to me, even if it doesn't scream I LOVE DISNEY to everyone around me. So I've selected a few of my favourite items from the web that I think are the perfect gift for someone who's obsessed with the magic, but without the tat! 

Top Row

Adventure Book - This is definitely something really special! I have always loved the movie Up and one of my favourite aspects of it is the Adventure Book that Ellie and Carl share. This one's perfect for the Disney lover who loves adventures around the world.

Neverland Beanie - The first of many items from my new favourite website, Whosits and Whatsits. Their beanies are perfect for men and women and this one is definitely my favourite! A subtle nod to Peter Pan but can still be worn on a daily basis. Also perfect for a Peter Pan Disneybound!

Christmas Card - I just had to put this one in because it's just the cutest! If you're looking for a card to go alongside your gift, this is the one! 

Middle Row

Daughters of Triton T-Shirt - This has to be my favourite shirt from the Whosits and Whatsits website! It features the concert poster from the fabulous Daughters of Triton concert that appears at the beginning of The Little Mermaid. Again, if you wear this out and somebody knows what it's about, you'll know you've met a true Disney fan (and maybe a friend for life!). 

Cinderella's Slipper Necklace - This necklace may be a little bit more on the obvious side, but I couldn't not include it because it's just stunning. It's white gold plated with a glitter finish and crystal decorations and would look beautiful with any outfit! 

The Key to Neverland Necklace - Know someone who would fit in perfectly amongst the Lost Boys and mermaids? This handy key to Neverland ought to get them there! It's also super pretty! 

Bottom Row

Message Necklace - I absolutely adore this necklace and to be honest I'm considering buying one for myself! Although not completely Disney related, you can have anything you want written on the circle and for me that would have to be a Disney quote. 

Disney Movie Print - This darker version of The Little Mermaid poster is perfect for the house of a Disney lover with a darker side. They also do dark versions of The Lion King and Bambi so you can adorn your walls with as many as you want! 

Phone Case - I've been on the hunt for a new phone case as I'm just about to upgrade and this one is so gorgeous! It features a hand drawn version of a particularly memorable castle on a clear case so you can still see the beauty of your phone at the same time.