Muriel's Kitchen

After our wonderful photoshoot out and about in London, Saida and I strolled over to Soho to meet Lauren for a bit of lunch. I recommend Muriel's Kitchen, which, if you've been reading my blog for long enough, you will know I've reviewed before for breakfast. I've never had the chance to go for dinner before though so I was very excited! 

I was even more excited when I saw that the famous swing seat table was free and we got to sit there! It's pretty much the cutest thing ever and yes, I may be five years old when I say that it's way more fun to sit on a swing while you're eating dinner. 

Everything about Muriel's is just a dream; decked out like a fairyland garden with fairy lights, plants and gorgeous furnishings. 

You can also see everything on the deli counter, so if you fancy something just to take away it's ready and waiting for you. 

We quickly ordered up and I chose the pulled pork sliders with homemade coleslaw. They were absolutely delicious with perfectly flavoured pork. Don't be fooled by their small appearance, I could barely manage one of these! 

Saida went for the lasagne, and I was slightly jealous because it looked absolutely incredible! 

While Lauren, who is obviously the healthiest of us all had the salad plate, where you could choose four different salads from the bar. Even I (salad hater) thought it looked pretty good! 

We also ordered up some scrummy sides including some delicious roast potatoes and some chunky cheesy chips (although there wasn't quite enough cheese for my liking!) 

Of course, we couldn't resist some dessert and after watching some hefty slices being delivered to the table next to ours, we decided to share two slices of cake between us.

I really don't think these pictures do justice to the absolute mountain of cake that was brought to us. We couldn't even finish it between all of us! The carrot cake was absolutely incredible, with thick cream cheese frosting and loads of walnuts.

Alongside we had the nutella cake, which was incredible and also vegan (can you believe!). I never would have thought it. Delectably thick and fudgy. 

I absolutely loved being able to spend the day with Saida and Lauren. Sometimes it gets a bit lonely down in Brighton all by myself but it really feel fantastic to hang out with girls who I really have something in common with! We spent so much time chatting and laughing and I hope we can do it again soon. Also, Muriel's was fantastic as always! It really is the most gorgeous place.