The Tea Files: Claridges

My, my this is an a long overdue post! For some reason other posts got ahead of it but I have been looking forward to writing about it for a while. As you may or may not know my mama and I have a habit of visiting London hotels for afternoon tea and then we review them here on the blog in The Tea Files series! One place we have wanted to visit for quite a while is Claridge's; a place positively dripping in British tradition and class. 

As soon as we arrived we were promptly seated in the beautiful tea parlour, with clothed tables and the classic green and white striped cups and saucers. 

The place smelt amazing; like tea, freshly baked cakes and the stunning flower arrangements that adored the room. Soon, the piano and cello players arrived, treating us to some gorgeous music while we chose our drinks.

My mama, always the traditionalist went for their English Breakfast. 

While I was well and truly treated to one of the greatest hot chocolates I've ever seen. A jug of molten chocolate; a jug of hot milk and some magnificent toast marshmallows. 

Our waitress, Cassie, created the glorious concoction before my very eyes, swirling the hot milk into the chocolate. It tasted absolutely delicious and the marshmallows were the perfect touch. 

Our plate of sandwiches were the first to arrive, along with two mini quiches. They were perfect, not a dry edge in sight and absolutely delicious. They also offered us more after we were finished and we ordered a few more egg ones and mini quiches as they were our favourites of the bunch. 

Then came some gorgeous scones and the famous Marco Polo gelee, a jelly which is similar to jam but has a very distinctive flavour, created from fruits and flowers from China and Tibet.

But the real stars of the show had to be the pastries. The most colourful, beautiful selection I had ever seen. From left to right; a blueberry and cream cake, a white chocolate frangipani tart, a chocolate and raspberry brownie and a salted caramel choux. 

My mama's going to kill me but here's a picture of us both that I really like! If you're wondering why my hair and makeup looks like that I had just come from walking the Bloggers Fashion Week so I had some extreme hair and makeup looks going on. 

The tea was absolutely stunning and definitely up there with one of the best I've ever had. If you're looking to book for a special occasion be sure to do it well in advance as they fill up tables pretty quickly! 

As with all of our teas we were throughly stuffed with cakes and sandwiches, so could hardly finish it all! Cassie kindly boxed up all our leftover cakes so we could take them home with us. I have to say a special thanks to her because she gave us such amazing service! It always makes it really special when the service is good and she really made the effort to make our afternoon tea that extra bit special. 

If you're looking for an afternoon tea for whatever occasion, be sure to check out some of the other Tea Files posts I've done below! And let me know in the comments if there's anywhere I need to check out next! 

The Tea Files Rating - 9/10

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