The Bloggers Festival

From the moment I knew they existed, I know I had to attend one of Scarlett London's incredible blogger events. Having missed out on them for god knows how long, I signed up to the mailing list so I was immediately notified of the next event. This was to be the Bloggers Festival, held at The Conrad, St James, London. If you're a long term reader and a fan of afternoon tea, you may remember that I have been their before for their glorious garden tea (which by the way, is pretty lovely). 

I managed to arrive before everyone else (as per usual), so hid in the bathrooms for as long as possible, before attaching myself to a group of well-dressed girls in hats who I assumed were bloggers. I was not wrong and I soon found myself in a hall filled with brands, goodies and of course, bloggers. 

The event was incredible, and it wasn't long before the huge hall was full of people with cameras, snapping away and taking selfies. There were some well-known brands there, including Jewellery Box who have some of the most gorgeous, delicate pieces I've ever seen. They also kindly gifted us each with a piece of jewellery. I have to say, the award for the prettiest stall definitely went to them! 

The award for the cutest necklace ever also has to go to Jewellery Box, with my dream unicorn necklace! They also had tiny dinosaur ones which were absolutely adorable. 

Meanwhile, The Perfume Shop had set up a Barbie themed station, covered in beautiful bottles and pink confetti. 

They also had the most beautiful stand I've ever seen... 


There was even an appearance from Lego who kindly gifted us with a little trinket in our goodie bags. Not going to lie, I was way too excited to build mine when I got home. Child forever. 

The lovely people at Bee Good also made an appearance, alongside some of the cutest cookies I've ever seen! 

It was definitely a tough sacrifice having to eat the pretty iced biscuits...well, not that much of one...they tasted fantastic! 

Speaking of food, canap├ęs had also been laid on, including mini burgers, fish and chip cones and spring rolls. They were all incredibly delicious but you had to act fast! They were gone nearly the second they entered the hall! 

Not only did I get to meet tons of fabulous brands, but the event meant that I got to catch up with loads of my blogger friends who I hadn't seen in ages, or I hadn't had the chance to meet yet! I don't know if anyone else has the problem of identifying people from their profile pictures/blog photos but I really do! When people come and say hi it always takes a few minutes to click who I'm talking to because I'm absolutely useless at recognising faces!

Nonetheless, it was so wonderful to see everyone. Meeting up with my fellow bloggers always feels so special, especially as most of them live so far away. We also snagged a cheeky Pret afterwards and had a good catch up. 

Luckily, the wonderful Lix Hewitt took some gorgeous outfit photos for me as the whole event was such a whirlwind I didn't even have time to think about it! I bought this entire outfit from Missguided especially for the event as I think it's absolutely perfect for the transition of seasons. 

Skirt - Missguided || Blouse - Missguided || Hat - Missguided

The skirt was the first thing I found and I immediately fell in love with it. It's the most lovely colour and can go with black and white accessories. And because I'm a hat addict, the hat was really a no brainer. I paired the whole thing with my New Look boots which I bought when I was fourteen and are still going strong. They cost me £70 back in the day and I remember thinking that I had been so extravagant with my money, but considering they have since lasted me seven years and are still going strong, it's the best £70 I've ever spent! 

Shoes - New Look (Old)

The event was absolutely fabulous and I'm so happy I got the opportunity to attend. I will definitely be attending Scarlett's events in the future as well as it is beyond me how one girl can organise so much awesomeness! I'd definitely recommend checking out her events section here if you're a blogger and are also up for going to one of these fab events! 

Let me know in the comments if you were there and what you think of my outfit choice!